The Best Floor Mirrors for Every Style and Budget

We really like the Latitude Run Full Length Mirror for its versatility and affordable price.

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A floor mirror not only allows you to see yourself from head to toe, but also helps make your space seem larger than it is. So, not only can it be used for practical purposes, but a good floor mirror can also add to your decor and contribute to the flow of your space.

To make sure you get your money's worth, we researched the best floor mirrors for every type of budget and style, considering factors like style, size, and mounting options.

Read on to learn more about the best floor mirrors and how to choose the right floor mirror for your space.

Best Overall

Latitude Run Rectangle Metal Mirror

Latitude Run Rectangle Metal Mirror


Who it's for: People who want a floor mirror with a neutral design that can blend into their current decor easily.

Who it isn't for: People looking for a mirror with storage or one with more style.

This popular mirror from Wayfair is ideal for people who want a simple, unfussy floor mirror that will blend in seamlessly with the rest of their decor. Although the Latitude Run Full Length Mirror leans more modern in design, it can work with various types of design styles thanks to its neutral frame. The frame is made of a sturdy aluminum and has been finished with four different color options: black, gold, oxidized silver, and gray.

The glass in the mirror has been treated to be burst-proof and explosion-proof, meaning that if the glass breaks for whatever reason, it will stay cracked in place in the mirror. You can lean this floor mirror up against a wall thanks to the attached stand, or hang it on the wall with the included screw kit. This floor mirror is a little more than 64 inches tall, which is a bit taller than average, and is just 1.6 inches thick and 22 pounds in weight.

Type: Free-standing, wall-mounted, or with stand. | Measurements: 21.26 x 1.57 x 64.17 inches | Weight: 22.05 pounds

Best Budget

NeuType Silver 65"x22" Full Length Mirror

NeuType Full Length Mirror


Who it's for: People looking for very specific sizes.

Who it isn't for: People who want a floor mirror with a greater element of design.

Floor mirrors can be surprisingly expensive, but we did some digging and found this great option from NeuType for under $100. The NeuType FullLength Mirror is ideal for someone who needs a floor mirror and isn't too concerned about design. It's made of an aluminum alloy border and a high-definition, shatterproof glass that promises a super clear visual. You can lean this mirror against the wall, extend the stand to have it be free-standing, or hang it on the wall either vertically or horizontally.

This mirror comes in a whopping 14 different sizes, ranging from 16 x 43 inches to 32 x 71 inches. You can also choose between a variety of colors, including silver, gold, and sand gray. Keep in mind that if you choose a different color or go up a size, the price will increase.

Type: Free-standing, wall-mounted, or with stand. | Measurements: 15.7 x 43.3 inches to 32 x 71 inches | Weight: 38 pounds

Best Splurge

Arhaus Divya Floor Mirror

Arhaus Divya Floor Mirror


Who it's for: People who want a statement floor mirror with a decorative design.

Who it isn't for: People who don't want to pay a lot for a floor mirror.

If you've got a big budget for a floor mirror, use that money to get something that is both decorative and functional. This beautiful bone inlay mirror from Arhaus offers exactly that. You can hang this mirror either horizontally or vertically, and it also comes with mounting hardware and an anti-tip kit, should you decide to have it lean against the wall.

The design, however, is the real standout here. The reason this mirror boasts such a high price tag has to do with the design. Bone inlay is an ancient design method from India that requires the pieces to be hand-made, and the Divya Floor Mirror is no different. The floral design, as well as the painted finish that surrounds it, are all hand-made. Because of the delicate embellishment, as well as the weight of the product (66 pounds), the brand actually recommends getting this hung by a professional.

Type: Free-standing or wall-mounted | Measurements: 32 x 1.25 x 72 inches | Weight: 66 pounds

Best Arched

Joss & Main Modern & Contemporary Full-Length Mirror

Joss & Main Modern & Contemporary Full-Length Mirror

Joss & Main

Who it's for: People looking for a simple, no-fuss floor mirror that has a bit of extra flair.

Who it isn't for: People who want a floor mirror with embellishments.

Getting a mirror with an arch allows you to add a nice architectural element to your space without making any serious adjustments. While this arched mirror from Joss & Main is labeled as contemporary or modern, it can actually work with all types of home decor styles, ranging from boho to coastal.

This floor mirror's frame is made from a rust-resistant stainless steel and features a paint on its backing that is copper-free, which helps prevent erosion at the edges of the mirror. Because this mirror is designed to hold up in humid environments, you can safely place it in your bathroom or close to the kitchen. The arched mirror comes in four colors, including black, white, satin brass, and even pink. There are also three sizes to choose from, ranging from 67 x 24 to 83 x 48 inches. You can either lean this mirror up against a wall or mount it.

Type: Leaning | Measurements: 24 x 1 x 67 inches, 30 x 1 x 67 inches, or 48 x 1 x 83 inches | Weight: 46-143 pounds

Best Oversized

Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror



Who it's for: People who want a vintage-inspired floor mirror that is extra wide.

Who it isn't for: People who are looking for a floor mirror that they can easily move around.

Oversized floor mirrors are a great option for tall people, as well as those who want their mirror to be a major part of their decor. Floor mirrors are typically narrow in width, which is great for functionality but not so much for style. With the super oversized Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror, you'll have enough room to check out your outfit from head to toe as well as create a stunning focal piece for your space.

This mirror comes in four sizes (3, 5, 6, or 7 feet), although only the largest three can be considered floor mirrors. The largest is so big and so heavy (200 pounds) that the brand says it's only meant to be leaned against the wall. Aside from giving the viewer very generous mirror space, what makes this Anthropologie product one of the brand's most popular styles of all time is its elegant design. The mirror is lined with a beautiful, antique-inspired gold trim that is adorned with detailed decorative motifs throughout. Because part of this mirror is handcrafted, the brand says that there may be slight variations in the mirror's reflection around the edges of the glass.

Type: Leaning | Measurements: 50.25 x 60 inches, 32 x 71.75 inches, or 64.25 x 84 inches | Weight: 112.5 - 200 pounds

Best Standing

West Elm Folded Ellipse Metal Standing Mirror

West Elm Folded Ellipse Metal Standing Mirror

West Elm

Who it's for: People looking for a mirror with an unconventional, modern design.

Who it isn't for: People who want to be able to tilt their mirror.

Mirrors with stands are super convenient because they eliminate the task of having to secure a floor mirror to the wall, as well as the risk of it tipping over. This floor mirror from West Elm takes the convenience up a notch thanks to its extra supportive backing. Unlike most floor mirrors with a stand that have rods (either a U-shaped bracket or separately free-standing) that the bottom of the mirror essentially balances on, the Ellipse's rounded bottom offers a much firmer foundation. This smart support system means that it's less likely for your mirror to tip over on its own, or when faced with friction.

In addition to its solid backing, the mirror is also quite stylish. The Folded Ellipse Metal Standing Mirror features a unique arch design where the metal frame isn't attached to the arch, making it look as if the mirror is floating. This mirror is about 5.4 feet tall and cannot be tilted in any way.

Product Details:

Type: With stand | Measurements: 22 x 17.6 x 65.7 inches | Weight: 88.6 pounds

Best Wooden

Urban Outfitters Ashton Mango Wood Mirror

Ashton Mango Wood Mirror

Urban Outfitters

Who it's for: People who want a warmer, more organic floor mirror.

Who it isn't for: People who want a narrow floor mirror.

People who are wanting to incorporate more natural materials into their space will really take to the Ashton Mango Wood Mirror from Urban Outfitters. The frame on this mirror is made of mango wood, which boasts deep grains and is known for being strong and long-lasting. The grains are prominent throughout the frame, and the distressed finish creates a nice worn look that will create a cozy, rustic feel in your space.

This wood mirror is 5.8 inches tall and 2.6 feet wide, giving you a good amount of space to give yourself an outfit check. Keep in mind that because of the nature of the wood, there may be variations between each product. And keep in mind that if you want to return this, you'll be subject to a 15 percent restocking fee.

Type: Free-standing | Measurements: 31.75 x 1 x 67 inches | Weight: 55 pounds

Best Rattan

World Market Raya Rattan Arch Full Length Mirror

World Market Raya Rattan Arch Full Length Mirror

World Market

Who it's for: People who want a lightweight floor mirror that comes with an anti-tip kit.

Who it isn't for: People who want a mirror that is taller than 4.8 feet.

Rattan has become one of the biggest home decor trends in the last couple of years. As such, you can find plenty of home decor items made of rattan, including mirrors. This arched rattan floor mirror from World Market will add natural charm and warmth to your space. The product is hand-crafted and features a natural finish so you can really appreciate the beauty of the rattan. It's also extremely versatile, and you can hang it on the wall or prop it up safely thanks to the included anti-tipping kit.

Due to its height, however, we recommend hanging it up against the wall. The one major downside to this beautiful mirror is that it is shorter, measuring about 4.8 feet high. Even if you are shorter in height, it might still be a challenge to see yourself head-to-toe with this mirror. Another important note: Should you decide to get this, make sure that you do not use any harsh cleaners or abrasives, otherwise you will damage the rattan.

Type: Free-standing or wall-mounted | Measurements: 24 x 1 x 58 inches | Weight: 30 pounds

Best Floor Mirror With Storage

Mercury Row Hanner Hall Tree with Shoe Storage

Hanner Hall Tree with Shoe Storage


Who it's for: People who live in a small space and need extra storage space for their items and people looking for an entryway mirror.

Who it isn't for: People who are looking for a more traditional floor mirror.

Storage solutions abound with this super unique floor mirror. You'll find a total of five storage areas in this product, making it a great option for people who live in a small apartment and need extra storage space for their items. The main compartment is the cubby located at the bottom of the mirror, which allows you to store items like shoes, bags, and even rolled up throw blankets. The space between the cubby and the floor can even act as a little nook for your shoes as well.

Located at the top of the mirror, you'll find an additional storage area specifically designed for clothes. You can hang your coat, jacket, or scarves on the rod that connects the mirror to the wall. On top is a little shelf where you can put hats or even a potted plant, while the side of the mirror boasts small pegs where you can hang a lightweight bag or even necklaces. The actual mirror itself is on the smaller side compared to other floor mirrors, measuring less than 5 feet tall. However, with the height of the cubby, it makes the entire unit more than 5.9 feet tall, making it a bit easier to see yourself from top to bottom.

Type: Wall-mounted | Measurements: 24 x 1 x 58 inches | Weight: 30 pounds

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Best Lighted

Dutsekk Full Length Mirror with Lights

Dutsekk Full Length Mirror with Lights


Who it's for: People who need more light to be able to better see their hair, makeup, and outfits.

Who it isn't for: People with natural light.

Why have a lighted makeup mirror when you can have a lighted floor mirror? This super sleek lighted floor mirror is the epitome of glamor, as well as a smart piece of technology. The controls are actually located on the mirror and simply require the touch of your finger to activate. There is a power button that not only turns the machine on and off, but also allows you to adjust the mirror to one of three brightness settings. There is also a light button that allows you to choose which type of light you want, with the range being bright light to white light.

The light you see in the mirror is made possible with an LED strip. What's comforting to know is that if one light in your LED strip goes out, that doesn't mean that all the lights will go out with it. So even if one light is out, you'll still be enjoying an abundance of light from your mirror. The Dutsekk Full Length Mirror comes in four different sizes, ranging from 22 x 47 to 22 x 65 inches. The package includes the hardware required to hang the mirror as well as a DC adaptor and a mini level.

Type: Free-standing, wall-mounted, or with stand. | Measurements: 22 x 47 inches to 22 x 65 inches | Weight: 25 pounds

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Latitude Run Full Length Mirror for its neutral style, lighter weight, and variety of mounting and color options. It's also made of shatterproof glass, ultimately making it safer than other floor mirrors on the market.

How to Shop for Floor Mirrors


There are three types of floor mirrors: leaning, hanging or wall-mounted, and standing. Leaning floor mirrors are ones that sit on the ground and lean against the wall; hanging and wall-mounted mirrors are mounted to the wall with tools; and standing mirrors have two separate rods or a U-shaped bracket attached to keep them upright.

  • Standing mirrors require the least amount of work because they have a support system already built into them to keep them in place.
  • Leaning mirrors are another convenient option, but you'll need to be careful when placing them so that they aren't at risk of falling down or scratching the wall and floor it's leaning against. Consider adding adhesive straps or anti-slip furniture straps to make it more secure and prevent scratching. Regardless of how you choose to secure it, it is always best to put your leaning floor mirror in areas that see little foot traffic. If you have pets or kids, you're better off buying a standing or mounted mirror.
  • Hanging or wall-mounted mirrors require the most work. Depending on the weight of your mirror, you may need to find a stud in your wall to support its weight. Either way, you'll usually need wall anchors and screws to hold up your floor mirror. If you have a lightweight floor mirror, say 20 or 30 pounds, you can get away with buying heavy-duty nails that can support that larger capacity.


Sizing should depend on your space and your intended use for the floor mirror. Although many people use floor mirrors to be able to check themselves out top to bottom, they are also used for decorative purposes. Oversized floor mirrors open up your space by creating the illusion that your room is larger than it actually is, and, depending on the placement in the room, it can also add more light due to its reflective abilities.

If you're getting a mirror for function and decorative purposes, you can choose one that is taller than you are. Floor mirrors are usually about 60 to 70 inches tall, which is between 5 and 5.8 feet. The shorter the floor mirror, the lower the price tends to be. If you don't mind backing up a bit to see your full look, which is a trick to be able to see yourself from top to bottom with a mirror that is shorter than you, then get a mirror that is shorter.

Width also matters. If you are getting a floor mirror for a bedroom that doesn't have a lot of available wall space, or a hallway, get one that has a narrower width. If you are getting something for the living room for decorative purposes, or to add the illusion of more light, get something with a wider width. To determine the best width for you, make sure to measure the space out before you buy.


Material is truly a matter of personal preference when it comes to floor mirrors. You'll find floor mirrors with frames that come in all types of materials, including wood, metal, rattan, and more. If you are worried about having a big piece of mirrored glass in your home, try to look for glass that is shatterproof. Shatterproof means that if the glass were to break for any reason, it will remain inside the mirror instead of break out of its designated space and land all over your floor or furniture.

Questions You Might Ask

How big should a floor mirror be?

Most floor mirrors are more than 60 and 70 inches tall, which is between 5 and 5.8 feet. Meanwhile, width normally ranges between 15 and a little more than 30 inches. If you want to see how you move in certain types of outfits, get a floor mirror with a bigger width. If a floor mirror that falls between 60 and 70 inches or more is out of your budget (these are oftentimes pricier than shorter floor mirrors), then get a floor mirror that can be hung on the wall. That way you can see your entire outfit without having to crouch down.

How do you secure a floor mirror?

You should secure your floor mirror based on the instructions laid out in your brand's instruction manual. If you have a floor mirror that is set to sit on the floor, a great way to stabilize it is to add adhesive strips to the bottom of your floor mirror. You can also add anti-slip furniture straps, which will require you to get wall anchors and screws, if not included in the set. Anti-slip furniture straps are ideal to wrap around any existing slots that are available for wall-mounting. If there aren't any, you'll have to drill a holes in your mirror, which can cause damage if you're not careful.

How high should you hang a floor mirror?

To be able to see yourself from head to toe, make sure that the floor mirror sits at least a few inches above your head. To ensure that your floor mirror reaches this height, sit your floor mirror on the ground to see where the top hits your body. Then, take measuring tape and measure how high you want it above your head. From there, mark that spot on the wall and get to hanging.

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