No matter what room they're in, drawers are notorious clutter magnets. To help us get these small spaces organized, we turned to the organizing pros of Instagram. 

By Ayn-Monique Klahre
Updated May 25, 2018
silverware in kitchen drawer
Credit: Jarosław Ceborski / Unsplash

There are few things more satisfying than finally getting your junk drawer in order. Transforming a spot that brings you daily frustration into one that’s useful and organized can bring more joy into your life than many, many mocha lattes. Not sure how to begin? Try these drawer decluttering ideas from our favorite Instagram organizers to kick-start your organizing process.

Subdivide Your Drawers

The number-one rule for drawer organization: Break the drawer down into smaller zones. Whether you use expandable drawer dividers like @OrganizedbyAly did here, different-sized bins, or repurposed items from around the house (like old food storage tubs or gift boxes), dividing a bigger space into several smaller ones will make it easier to prevent the drawer from becoming a jumble.

Consider All Drawers (Not Just Junk Drawers!)

While it comes naturally to think of using dividers for junk and silverware drawers, the method is just as useful in any drawer in your home, including dry goods pantry drawers (like the team at @NeatMethod did here), dresser drawers, refrigerator drawers, art supply drawers, and more.

Store Like With Like

Another cardinal rule: Group similar items together, as @CleanMama did here with brushes in one section, lipsticks in another, and compacts in another. But resist hyper-categorizing everything to the point where you or your family have to think too hard to figure out where everything goes! Especially in spaces where you want kids to help clean up, like with toy storage, broader categories are better.

Use Bins in Deep Drawers

Whatever you’re using to subdivide your drawers, whether it’s clear bins (like the team at @TheHomeEdit used here), expandable dividers, or repurposed boxes, they need to be just about the full depth of your drawer to make sure items don’t topple over out of their sections. Whenever you can, place things vertically to use the full height of the space.

Corral Cords

Even if you have a dedicated electronics drawer, if you don’t find a way to keep those long cords contained, they will tangle up within moments of stashing them in the drawer. Here, the team at @SimplyOrganized used bands and twist-ties to wind up cords before separating them into bins. Also: Don’t keep a cord in your go-to drawer if you don’t know what it’s for!

File, Don't Stack

If you’re a Marie Kondo devotee, you’ve heard this idea: “file” your clothing instead of stacking, so you’re better able to see what’s inside your drawers. And when clothing is small, like the baby clothes in this drawer @MarieKondo highlighted in her account, use other boxes or dividers to keep them snugly filed.

Consider Your Perspective

Especially for lower drawers in a dresser or ones in base cabinets, consider how you’ll be looking at the drawer as you decide how to store things: If you’ll always be looking down on it, for example, consider labeling the tops of the containers, like @Organized_Simplicity did here, or store things on their sides so you can read the labels. That way, you don’t have to pull them out to see what’s inside.

Make It Pretty

Whether your taste runs towards a certain color, all-white, or wood tones, organizing your drawer in visually-pleasing containers will give you extra incentive to keep it tidy. One easy way to do it: Put colored paper underneath clear containers, like @iHeartOrganizing did. As a bonus, you can swap it out for new paper whenever you want!