7 Brilliant Container Store Organizers Real Simple Editors Swear By

Talk about life-changing.

Last week, I wrote about my favorite organizer I ever discovered at the Container Store: this $15 peg rack. I quickly learned that I wasn't the only one in the Real Simple office who had a Container Store favorite. My coworkers had found everything from their go-to makeup organizer to the ultimate shoe storage boxes at this organizing superstore. And the finds were simply too good not to share. Here, Real Simple editors reveal the Container Store organizers that have made their homes a little tidier and their routines a little easier.

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Stainless Steel Sink Organizer

Real Simple Editors Favorite Container Store Organizer, sink organizer
Container Store

"I love that it's slim, compact, and fits neatly next to my faucet. It holds all my dishwashing essentials upright so they drain properly. And speaking of drainage, it has a detachable drip tray on the bottom that you can easily pull off and wash clean."—Leslie Corona, senior associate home editor

To buy: $15, containerstore.com.

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Drop-Front Shoe Box

Real Simple Editors Favorite Container Store Organizer, Drop-Front Shoe Box
Container Store

"Lucite storage boxes are fine for my closet at home, but I keep all my nice shoes (read: heels) in the office and it's more elegant (and often a fun conversation starter) to stack them along my baseboard under and next to my desk. You can still see the shoes, but the polycotton blend fabric elevates the boxes and it's almost architectural. They even have magnetic closures to be sure you're sealing out the dust. So satisfying. I have 15 of them."—Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief

To buy: $15, containerstore.com.

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Divided Bamboo Hamper

Real Simple Editors Favorite Container Store Organizer, Divided Bamboo Hamper
Container Store

"Years ago, I bought a similar divided hamper, and it's great for separating lights and darks—or machine wash and dry clean only—at the source, to cut down on sorting time later. Plus, it looks great in my bathroom."—Jennifer Davidson, deputy editor

To buy: $100, containerstore.com.

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Acrylic Makeup Organizer with Copper Trim

Real Simple Editors Favorite Container Store Organizer, copper makeup organizer
Container Store

"I can't live without this acrylic makeup organizer. It might seem like a simple concept, but having all my makeup displayed and organized helps me actually finish each item before buying something new. Plus, it looks super cute on my vanity, especially with the gold detailing."—Madison Alcedo, lifestyle ecommerce writer

To buy: $30, containerstore.com.

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Canvas Fabric Storage Bins

Real Simple Editors Favorite Container Store Organizer, canvas bin
Container Store

"I bought these open storage bins recently for the wedge of space between the top of our kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. The apartment I share with my partner is 400 square feet so every space has to have an organization purpose. Because the area is open and easy for guests to see, I opted for these fabric bins over plastic because they look chic and hide the contents. I store bathroom products (extra toilet paper, toiletries, paper towels), our tools, and seasonal items with ease. And there's no more 'Honey, where's my beach towel?' questions from my fiancé, thanks to the handy labels on the front and sides of the bin!"—Brandi Broxson, senior editor

To buy: From $10 each, containerstore.com.

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Elfa Pantry Door Rack

Real Simple Editors Favorite Container Store Organizer, Elfa door rack in white
Container Store

"I have the Elfa Utility White Mesh Pantry Door Rack, which I love! Install was easy, as it hooks over a standard size closet door and is very sturdy. You can choose to attach different sized baskets and can place them anywhere on the rack. I use it to hold all my beauty products, as well as light cleaning products, hand soap, air freshener, brushes."—Filomena Guzzardi, editorial production director

To buy: $129 (originally $184), containerstore.com.

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Makeup Storage Kit

Real Simple Editors Favorite Container Store Organizer, Makeup Storage Kit
Container Store

"The clear design allows me to grab my go-to beauty and skincare products in a hurry, and the entire unit helped to clean up my bathroom counter. The storage kit streamlined my morning routine, and it's roomy enough to store everything from my favorite balms to makeup finds."—Rachel Sylvester, lifestyle editor

To buy: $63, containerstore.com.

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