These organizers will finally get your home (and life) in order.

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Best Container Store Organizers, Drawer Dividers
Credit: Container Store

As any home organizing aficionado will tell you, the Container Store is one of the best places to hunt for organizers to corral everything from spice jars to your shoe stash. Wandering around this organizing superstore will make any fan of home organization want to splurge on boxes, bins, and wall hooks you probably didn't know you needed. So how can you identify which organizers you'll rely on for years and which ones you'll add to your ever-growing collection of stuff you no longer use? We asked professional organizers for the Container Store products that stand the test of time. These are the storage bins they've been using for years, the hanging organizers they swear by, and the drawer dividers they incorporate into their own homes. Save your money and skip the trial-and-error, these pro-approved organizers really work.

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Best Container Store Organizers, Risers
Credit: Container Store

1 Acrylic Risers

According to NYC-based professional organizer Laura Cattano, these clear risers are "a must-have for medicine cabinets that never seem to have enough shelves." Simply place them on the shelves to instantly double the storage and take advantage of vertical space. "They are perfect for small products that can sit under and on top, making the best use of space," Cattano says. Just be sure to carefully measure your medicine cabinet before choosing from the four size options. 

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Best Container Store Organizers, clear plastic storage bins
Credit: Container Store

2 See-Through Storage Bins

Not only are these storage bins exceptionally durable, but they also come in 10 different sizes, perfectly proportioned to hold everything from small accessories to bulky sweaters. The best part? They're transparent, so you can quickly spot what's stowed inside without removing the lid, explains pro organizer Erin Rooney Doland, the author of Unclutter Your Life in One Week. "For visual people who forget what they own if they can’t see it (like me), these are quintessential organizing materials," she says. 

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Best Container Store Organizers, Custom Drawer Dividers
Credit: Container Store

3 Customizable Drawer Dividers

When you're searching for drawer dividers, finding ones with the right dimensions is half the battle. Luckily, Lisa Zaslow, founder of Gotham Organizers, has discovered an easier way: the Container Store's DIY drawer kit. "These wafer-thin dividers let you easily create custom-sized compartments with no wasted space to fit any drawer in your house, from the junk drawer in the kitchen to your desk to the bathroom vanity," she says.

This customizable approach to drawer organizing means you can adjust each compartment to fit your stuff. "I worked with one client to organize her entire home, and the thing that brought her the most joy was her perfectly organized tea drawer!" Zaslow adds. No matter if you're organizing teas, spices, or kitchen tools, these DIY dividers make it easy to organize small spaces. 

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Best Container Store Organizers, Zip Pouches
Credit: Container Store

4 Zip Storage Pouches

Still on the hunt for the perfect travel pouch? Julie Bestry, CPO® of Best Results Organizing thinks she's found them: the Container Store's vinyl and mesh pouches. "I received my first (aqua, legal-sized) pouch at a NAPO [National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals] conference and found it was the perfect size for carrying an afternoon's worth of handouts, a few meeting folders, my badge, and my cell phone—so I was able to leave my purse and my backpack in the hotel room," Bestry says.

The pouches proved so useful and durable, she later used them to stash everything from her passport to a travel journal during a trip to Italy. Water-proof and weather-proof, these pouches are ideal for keeping documents dry on a rainy day or separating a wet bathing suit from the rest of your clothing in a suitcase. 

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Wall Hanging Clear plastic organizer bins
Credit: Container Store

5 Wall-Hanging Organizers

These adhesive wall-hanging storage bins can be used all over the house, Cattano tells us. On the inside of kitchen cabinet doors, they can hold sponges, dish soap, and dishwashing pods. Inside the medicine cabinet, let them store cotton swabs and small beauty products. And she attaches them to the back of her bedroom closet door to hold makeup, hair clips, and other small accessories. Install a small mirror next to the bins to create a space-saving get-ready station. 

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