These one-size-fits-all organizing ideas maximize every square foot of space. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated August 21, 2018
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You don't have to live in a tiny home to admire their remarkably efficient use of space. Even if you have a large five-bedroom house, you can still borrow the best space-saving ideas spotted in the beautiful tiny homes of Instagram to make your own (much larger) home more organized. The best part: You don't have to live in 300-square-feet to maximize every inch of space.

Add Wall Hooks Everywhere

The Tiny Canal Cottage is full of space-savvy decorating ideas, including the use of an impressive amount of wall hooks. In the bedroom, hooks hold everything from hats, to bags, to sandals. No matter how big or small your home is, you can incorporate wall hooks into almost every room. In the bedroom, let them hold accessories and jewelry. In the kitchen, hang aprons and oven mitts. This way, storage stays close to the wall instead of taking up valuable living space.

Find the Underutilized Areas

In a regular-sized home, there are often spaces that go unutilized, like under the stairs or the backs of doors. But in a tiny home, every nook and cranny presents another opportunity for storage and organization. For example, in this home by Modern Tiny Living, the space under the stairs turns into drawers, and the transition space between rooms becomes a spot to tuck extra shelving. Even if you don't have a tiny home, try thinking like a tiny home designer and you'll suddenly realize you have more storage space than you originally thought.

Maximize Your Kitchen Storage

Think your kitchen is too small to be cute and organized? This micro kitchen by Tiny Miss Dolly on Wheels proves it's possible. Take advantage of wall space by installing a hanging rack for mugs and cups, then add floating shelves for canisters and your herb plant collection. A hanging pot rack frees up limited cabinet space and keeps supplies you reach for all the time—your favorite pan, a colander—right where you need them.

Rethink the Doors

In a tiny home, something as simple as the design of a door can drastically change the amount of living space. In this home by Modern Tiny Living, a sliding door takes the place of a swing-out door, saving space. Consider adding sliding doors in your own home, whether you install a sliding barn door to the bedroom or install sliding rather than French doors on your bedroom closet. This clever tiny home also turns a normal closet door into a full shelving unit. To get the same effect without the big DIY project, just order a storage rack or a pocket organizer that's designed to hang on the back of the door.

Invest in Versatile, Multi-Functional Pieces

In this tiny home built by @amagilog, stools are used as portable seats that provide a perch wherever needed as well as a side table for snacks or drinks. When the ladder's not being used to climb up to the lofted bed, it hangs out of the way on the wall. And when the counter isn't being used to chop vegetables for dinner, it folds down to save space. In your own home, you can achieve the same effect by buying furniture that serves multiple functions–like an ottoman that doubles as an extra coffee table when guests come over–and choosing tools (vacuums, brooms, etc.) that fold up and can be stored on the wall.