New Uses For Old Things

New Uses for Fairy Lights

These festive lights lend a touch of magic to DIY holiday decor. Their glimmer is a little softer than traditional Christmas lights and better yet, they’re battery operated meaning, you won’t have to go hunting for an outlet to plug into. Another feature we love? The lights are typically set in copper wire, making it easy to twist them into shapes or wrap around oddly-shaped objects (like the cactus below!).

Genius New Uses for School Supplies

Put those leftover must-haves to good use with these hacks.

New Uses for Party Hats

It’s just not a birthday party without these cone-shaped hats. When your guests go home, put the leftovers to good use with these clever household hacks.

3 Flower Hacks You Need to Know

Lengthen the life of your blooms using everyday household items.

Creative Ways to Use Excess Bubble Wrap

It's essential for cushioning breakables in transit (and relieving stress in a literal pinch). But this post office darling can do so much more. Here, it helps out with three practical household hacks.

Genius New Uses for Fashion and Beauty Items

Don't have time to iron that shirt? A quick flat iron job will do the trick!

Brilliant New Uses for Wrapping Paper Scraps

Clever ways to repurpose the odds and ends left over from your gift-wrapping marathon.

Genius Marshmallow Hacks for Your Hot Chocolate

Little ways to make your favorite winter treat even more special.