No, this quirky list isn’t an April Fools’ Day prank. Here, a collection of reader-submitted new uses that we were just a little too squeamish to actually test.

By Real Simple
Updated March 27, 2013
James Baigrie

1. Earring Post as Toothpick
Caught without a toothpick after lunch? If you're wearing earrings, then you may be in luck. Use the back of an earring to poke and loosen any lingering food particles lodged between your teeth.

2. Freezer as Shoe Deodorizer
Are your favorite sneakers starting to stink? Conquer the stench by sticking them in the freezer overnight. Apparently, the sub-zero temperature will help kill the bacteria responsible for the awful smell.

3. Panty Liners as Shoe Cushions
Formerly needed only once a month, panty liners now have an everyday use. Give uncomfortable shoes support by adding a panty liner as an extra cushion. (Bonus points for the adhesive strip backing, which helps keep the pad in place!)

4. Potatoes as Antiperspirant
You’ll drop your standard deodorant like a hot potato for this home remedy. Keep excess underarm sweating at bay by rubbing a sliced baking potato under your arm.

5. Lemon as Skin Softener
Cut a cold lemon in half then, with one half, rub the lemon on your elbows to remedy dry, crusty, or discolored skin. Wash your elbows when done, moisturize, and kiss weathered skin good-bye.

6. Nail File as Blemish Corrector
If you’ve always been told not to pop pimples, then this trick will ensure you follow orders. Use the light side of an emery board to gently smooth out any blemishes. It may not be a miracle cure, but at least you won’t be tempted to pick at your skin.