6 Smart Hacks for Cardboard Toilet Paper Tubes

Repurpose those little cylinders with these clever new uses.

Paper products, namely toilet paper, are really having their moment as we all stay at home. You likely have a couple cardboard tubes lying around from finished toilet paper and paper towel rolls. But what you might not know is that those cardboard tubes can come in handy around the house. Their cylindrical shape makes them a perfect candidate for a variety of craft, storage, and even organizing purposes. Read on (or watch the video above) for ways to give them a new life.

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Create a home base for hair ties

Always misplacing your hair accessories? Plop elastic hair bands onto a toilet paper tube and clip barrettes or bobby pins to the ends for an easy hair accessory HQ.

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Store important documents

Keep an important document, like a birth certificate, or special memento, like a piece of child’s artwork, safely stored without creasing by rolling it up and placing it inside a paper towel tube. The tube will keep it dry in a cedar chest or plastic container. You can even label the outside of the tube with what’s inside.

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Make a knife sheath

Protect your kitchen workhorse when moving or traveling with a paper towel tube. Just trim the tube so it’s about an inch or two longer than the blade. Then, place the knife inside and fold the overhang of the tube over on the long and top sides. Secure with tape.

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Turn them into stamps

Pass an afternoon with the kids by making these simple art stamps. Just pinch the ends of a cardboard tube into a shape like a heart, oval, or make cutouts in the cardboard for a funky design. Stamp onto Kraft paper for a DIY wrapping paper design.

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Contain those pesky cords

Cords are one of the most annoying items to keep neat but a cardboard tube can help. Just fold a phone charger or HDMI cord into a neat stack and then place inside a toilet paper tube. Label the outside with the cord’s function and store in a bin for easy access.

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Craft a DIY birdfeeder

Cover a tube in peanut butter and roll in raw, salt-free seeds or nuts (check online for what your local birds prefer). Place the tube over a branch and watch birds enjoy a snack.

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