If you find yourself with a spare, don’t sleep on its potential. Transform it with one of these four handy hacks.
pillow linen storage
Credit: Ted + Chelsea Cavanaugh

1 Sheet Storage

Stack folded bedsheets inside a pillowcase so you can retrieve whole sets easily. Also—voilà!—you’ll have a tidier closet.

pillow fan duster
Credit: Ted + Chelsea Cavanaugh

2 Fan Duster

Neatly remove grime by sliding a pillowcase over a blade, clamping it between your hands, and slowly sliding it off. No dust showers for you!

3 Child’s Smock

Snip holes for head and arms in the seamed end. Your kid can slip it on when finger painting, playing with slime, or generally making a mess.

pillow wash bag
Credit: Ted + Chelsea Cavanaugh

4 Delicates Wash Bag

Place undergarments in a pillowcase and knot the end before washing to minimize pilling, snags, and damaged hooks and eyes.

This article originally appeared in the April 2020 issue of Real Simple.