A clever way to repurpose an everyday item.

Candle parchment cover
Credit: James Wojcik


Punch holes along the edges of a strip of paper (or cut out stars with a Fiskars star paper punch; save-on-crafts.com). Wrap around a votive holder (be sure to use one that’s deep enough) and secure with clear tape.

Meat Divider

Layer squares of paper between burgers, steaks, or pork chops before freezing to make it easier to separate them later.

Pizza Preserver

Help retain the crispy bottom of last night’s pie by quickly microwaving leftover slices on a piece of parchment.

Honey Cup

Place a jar in the middle of a large square of parchment (roughly double the length of the jar). Then gather the parchment up around the jar and secure with a rubber band, leaving some overhang. When the gooey honey drips down the side, it will stick to the paper, not the cabinet shelf.

Snack Server

Dish up fries, popcorn, and other snacks in grease-resistant parchment cones (seal them with tape).

Seafood Steamer

Baking fish in folder parchment steams it while locking in flavor. Get the recipe for Parchment-Baked Halibut With Orange.