Don’t throw your old comb away! This essential hair tool has several surprising uses outside the bathroom.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated August 21, 2018

Combs are basic hair tools that, beyond detangling hair, don’t get much use—which is a shame because they can be incredibly helpful for projects around the home! They’re also inexpensive enough that they’re easily replaced, and they offer quick alternatives to sometimes pricey specialty tools.

If you are going to use a comb for the tasks below, though, be sure it’s a clean comb. Either have one (or several!) set aside just for non-hair-related tasks, or (if you’re in a pinch) clean your own comb thoroughly before using it and plan on picking up a new one for your hair later.

Problem #1: Nails keep sliding around while you’re hammering.

Hold a nail in place while hammering by slipping the tines of a comb around the nail. (Your fingers will thank you.)

Problem #2: Newly painted walls are looking a little flat.

Create a faux finish on freshly painted walls by gliding a comb over the walls while they’re still wet. Add straight lines, zigzags, or a grid—whatever gives the fresh coat of paint a little texture and life.

Problem #3: Furniture left indentations in the carpet.

Use a comb to brush stubborn carpet indentations from furniture up, so they are level with the rest of the carpeting.

Problem #4: Pieces of cork got into the wine bottle.

Place a (clean!) fine-toothed comb over the bottle’s mouth. Hold it there as you pour, straining out the bits of cork.

Problem #5: Your sweaters are covered in fuzzy pills.

Gently brush the surface of the sweater with a comb to remove the unsightly fuzz.

Problem #6: The vacuum roller is full of lint.

Use a comb—one you are prepared to toss after—to scrape away lint stuck to the roller, improving the vacuum’s suction.