These clever (literally) new smart home gadgets will make your whole home—from the front door to the back porch—almost as smart as you are.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated May 28, 2019
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New cool smart home gadgets - IKEA SYMFONISK lamp tout art
Credit: Courtesy of IKEA

With so many smart home products popping up all the time—and constantly getting smarter—it can feel nearly impossible to keep track of which smart home gadgets are actually worth bringing home. New updates are constantly being released, and there’s a new smart home gadget or gizmo on shelves (or online stores) every week or so, it seems. Fortunately, some tend to rise above the rest in popularity—and these are the new gadgets currently causing the good kind of buzz.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your smart home assistant or just thinking about bringing your first smart product into your home, here are some smart buys worth knowing about right now. After that first smart home starter kit, these smart home gadgets will keep your home safe and secure, make your life easier, and help you connect with loved ones (even if they’re far away). Best of all, they can even help you keep yourself organized—no notepads or sticky notes needed.

In the world of smart home gear, new tends to mean better—but savvy smart homers can decide not to get caught up in that race to the smartest home and, instead, focus on the smart home gadgets that work best for them, whether that means a slew of smart lights or an easy-to-use smart security system. In some cases, keeping smart home gear updated with the latest software and security upgrades can be just as good as buying the latest model—at least for a few years.

What’s new now may be old in a matter of months, even weeks, if several big companies launch their latest inventions all at once, but for the time being, these smart home gadgets are worth thinking about for a home that’s smart—but not quite as smart as you.

New cool smart home gadgets - Awair


Keep an eye on the quality of the air inside your home with this good-looking air quality monitor, which can sit neatly on a shelf or sill while it tracks toxins, chemicals, fine dust, CO2, humidity, and temperature indoors. It will even offer tips for cleaning up the air inside, so you can breathe easier.

To buy: $174;

New cool smart home gadgets - Schlage Camelot Encode Smart WiFi Door Lock

Schlage Camelot Encode Smart WiFi Door Lock

Smart locks just keep getting smarter and sleeker, and this one is no different. No smart home hub is needed to control this smart lock, so it can be the only smart home gadget in the house if you choose, and the door can be unlocked from anywhere using your phone. Knowing the passcode or having an actual key will also unlock the door, so you can be sure everyone is able to get inside—but only the people you actually want there.

To buy: $249;

New cool smart home gadgets - Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus

As the newest version of Amazon’s signature Echo line, the Echo Plus has a sleek look—and an incredible set of speakers—and the ability to work as a smart home hub, connecting all your devices (think lights, the thermostat, and more) to the Alexa assistant.

To buy: $150;

New cool smart home gadgets - IKEA SYMFONISK lamp
Credit: Courtesy of IKEA


IKEA and Sonos—two highly trusted names—have banded together on this sleek smart speaker line, which includes a lamp speaker and a bookshelf speaker that emit excellent sound and look good at the same time. The speakers connect to smart home assistants for music streaming.

To buy: Available starting August 2019 at IKEA stores and online at

New cool smart home gadgets - Ring Alarm

Ring Alarm

Bring home an easy-to-manage—and contract-free—security system with the new Ring Alarm, which includes a motion detector, a keypad, a smoke detector, and more, depending on which kit you pick. The various devices send alerts to your smartphone and can be armed, disarmed, and more remotely.

To buy: From $199 for a five-piece kit;

New cool smart home gadgets - Google Nest Hub Max
Credit: Courtesy of Google

Google Nest Hub Max

The new Google Nest Hub Max—the latest iteration of the Google Home Hub, larger and with a new name—has all the features of a smart home assistant, plus video capabilities, with a built-in camera for video chatting, security recording, and more. The smart home assistant is smarter than ever; paired with the camera, it can do even more to give every member of the household a personalized experience.

To buy: $229, waitlist open now;

New cool smart home gadgets - C by GE Smart Switch

C by GE Smart Switch

Most smart lights require replacing every bulb with a smart one—not the best system where multiple bulbs are involved. Enter the line of switches—a dimmer, a standard on/off, and a motion-sensor—from C by GE, all of which replace a room’s light switch to make all the lights in the room smart, controllable remotely or using a smart home assistant.

To buy: From $38;