A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming to IKEA

Including a brand-new FRAKTA bag.

This week, IKEA hosted and live-streamed its Democratic Design Days event, an annual show held in Almhult, Sweden, during which the company offers a glimpse at upcoming collaborations and innovative products. While many of the new items won’t hit our local IKEA stores until 2018, the event (similar to the furniture industry’s version of a fashion show), offers a glimpse into the future. A new FRAKTA bag designed in collaboration with the Danish brand HAY, playful lip-shaped pillows, and elegant, minimalist furniture promises that exciting things are in store. Here are five new items we can’t wait to bring home.



Photo by IKEA

If you’ve been following IKEA news lately, then you already know that the iconic blue FRAKTA bag, which recently celebrated its 30th birthday, has been making headlines. From a video demonstrating the bag’s remarkable versatility (it’s an umbrella and a dog outfit), to this $2,145 Balenciaga imitation, the humble, hard-working FRAKTA is having a moment. To give the bag a facelift, IKEA collaborated with the modern Danish brand HAY. The resulting design has solid color straps and a patterned base, giving the bag a sophisticated update. Luckily, we won’t have to wait too long to get our hands on one—the bag will hit IKEA stores in October 2017.



Photo by IKEA

This chair may look similar to other sleek, contemporary seats, but the process behind its creation is innovative. In an interview with IKEA, Rolf Hay, one half of the husband-and-wife duo behind HAY, describes how the chair is made using an injection mould process and a single shot of liquid plastic. “The shot takes around 30 seconds, and what comes out is a beautiful, comfortable, and strong yet light chair. We liked it so much that we made a dining chair model, and a lower lounge chair, too,” Rolf says. Look for this “darling” of the Ypperlig collection at IKEA stores in October 2017.



Photo by IKEA

IKEA has been teasing fans for months with news about a collaboration with British designer Tom Dixon. At Democratic Design Days, the company gave another look at the ultra-modern, modular sofas that are set to hit stores in early 2018. These funky two- and three-seaters, armchairs, and chaise lounges are ideal for apartment dwellers who want to maximize space—and still make a statement.



Photo by IKEA

If you’ve ever seen fashion activist and stylist Bea Akerlund’s looks created for Beyonce’s and Britney Spear’s music videos, it will come as no surprise that her upcoming IKEA collab is edgy, playful, and fun. “It’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone—take a chance and dare to not follow the rules,” Akerlund says. One of the daring pieces at the top of the wish list is this marquee-style sign that would attract attention while lighting up a living room or bar area. Too bad we’ll have to wait until the collection launches in March 2018.



Photo by IKEA

Another offbeat find from the Bea Akerlund collaboration, this whimsical lip pillow would look adorable in a kid’s room or would inject some humor into a grown-up living room. Like the sign above, this funky pillow is expected to arrive in stores in March 2018.