Hint: It has to do with color.

By Tamara Kraus
April 19, 2018

While there are some things in life that have a quick fix, a complete home makeover is not one of them. For the May 2018 issue of Real Simple, we took a sneak peek inside the gorgeous Nashville home makeover by Elsie Larson of the blog A Beautiful Mess. While we were there, we learned a few key lessons for anyone considering their own home design update. Our biggest piece of advice? Make sure to pick out a color palette before you start shopping, painting, and decorating. 

For this makeover, Elsie chose gorgeous shades of green that brought the outdoors in. Once she decided on her color scheme, she was able to use shades of green throughout her home (both inside and out) to create a cohesive look that flows nicely from room to room. While many people dive right into decorating without picking out a palette first, choosing one beforehand can help guide your decisions. An added bonus: it may actually help make the process easier.

For those who do pick a color palette, making the design too matchy-matchy is a common mistake. To keep things sophisticated, Elsie incorporated several shades of green throughout her home to switch things up and add a surprising visual element. This way, it's cohesive without being overly repetitive. 

Here are just a handful of ways that this Nashville home features a variety of earthy green tones in the laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, and even on the front door.

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