And here's the thing: this kitchen appliance trend looks so sophisticated.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated September 27, 2018
Beautiful kitchen with matte black appliances
Credit: Elizabeth Weir / Cafe Appliances

When it comes to new kitchen appliances, most of us want what's shiny and new—but recently, shiny is taking a back seat to matte finishes. And while ultra-shiny stainless steel was once the reigning queen of kitchen appliances, now matte black and white are gaining in popularity. In fact, GE's Café brand recently launched a new line called The Matte Collection, and LG launched a line of matte black stainless steel appliances. Whether on a refrigerator, microwave, oven, or dishwasher, this fresh texture lends a luxurious look to the kitchen. Take a peek at some of the new matte appliances below to see just how elegant they look in a real kitchen.

And to answer your next question, what's the deal with fingerprints on these gorgeous matte surfaces? Don't worry, LG has that covered—its PrintProof™ finish promises to hide fingerprints and smudges. And Cafe's new appliances also boast a smudge-resistant surface with a soft-touch feel.

On Instagram, Gretchen Black, the designer and owner of Greyhouse Design Firm, showed off Cafe's matte black refrigerator in her kitchen. Paired with white cabinets and dark counters, these neutral hues create eye-catching contrast.

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Matte Appliance Trend, Black Matte Dishwashing Machine in kitchen
Credit: Elizabeth Weir/ GE

A Luxe-Looking Dishwashing Machine

Loading the dishwasher probably isn't your favorite household chore, but when your dishwasher looks this good, it makes the task a little more enjoyable. Set between cabinets in a rich green hue, the matte appliance (from $1,299, helps the space evoke a sophisticated look. 

Matte Appliance Trend, Black Refrigerator in kitchen with green cabinets
Credit: Elizabeth Weir / GE

A Stylish and Sleek Refrigerator

Compared to the typical shiny stainless steel refrigerator, this matte black appliance (from $3,199, makes a bold statement. When matched with white cabinets, the look is minimalist, but when paired with deep hues (like the cabinets shown here), the effect is luxe. 

Women in kitchen with matte black refrigerator
Credit: LG

Matte Black Refrigerator

Matte black appliances may be ultra-trendy, but they can work with many different home decor styles, including more traditional decor. Plus, the matte finish isn't the only thing innovative about LG's model ($3,100,—it's also Wi-Fi enabled and has a door-within-a-door design feature that offers much more storage space for drinks and condiments. 

Matte black oven range, woman cooking
Credit: LG

An On-Trend Oven Range

For its latest models, LG has focused on developing appliances that not only look good but are also easy to clean. The microwave ($500, wipes clean without chemicals or scrubbing.