I've Struggled With Insomnia for Years, but I've Never Slept Better Thanks to This Customizable Pillow

The Marlow pillow is made by the same brand that created Brooklinen’s soft and comfortable sheets.

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Marlow The Pillow
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Being sleep deprived and feeling like we're never quite getting enough shut-eye is an issue that literally millions of Americans can commiserate with. I'm unfortunately one of them, and have struggled with falling and staying asleep since I was diagnosed with insomnia as a teenager. I've never been a fan of taking prescription medications to help me sleep, so I instead focused my energy on creating a sleep oasis.

I've invested in comfortable and cooling sheets, I keep my bedroom at an ideal temperature, and I begrudgingly avoid caffeine after 5pm. Nothing made that big of a difference in my sleep quality—until I invested in the Marlow pillow earlier this year. Made by Brooklinen, the pillow looks like any other but is decidedly unique. It's stuffed with a polyester-memory foam blend that's both supportive and plush, making my head feel like it's propped up while also letting me sink into the pillow at the same time.

Marlow The Pillow

To buy: From $65; marlowpillow.com

But the most interesting feature is that the Marlow has two zippers that run the length of either side of the pillow. Instead of opening up to the inside of the pillow, the zippers actually reveal or conceal an additional, optional loft (that's added height), which creates a firmer or softer pillow. With the zippers closed, the pillow is flatter, less bouncy, and ideal for back sleepers, but when the zippers are open, the pillow appears to expand to twice its previous depth and instantly makes me want to dive right in. You can even leave just one zipper open for a medium support level, meaning the pillow can be used three different ways for all types of sleepers.

As a side and stomach sleeper, I unsurprisingly chose to keep the zippers open and had some of the best sleep of my life. Since I started sleeping on the Marlow pillow a few months ago, I'm waking up less in the middle of the night, I'm able to fall asleep faster than ever, and I wake up feeling more refreshed—and less upset that it's time to get up.

If a great night's sleep has been evading you despite your best efforts, give the Marlow pillow a try to find your perfect comfort level and get some much-needed rest.

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