Follow along with the organizing master and your drawers will never look neater.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated August 17, 2018

"How many of you have started the KonMari method?" Marie Kondo asks, a question her translator quickly relays to the room full of American writers and editors. Almost everyone eagerly raises their hands. "And how many of you have completed the process?" About ninety percent of the hands slowly lower as everyone exchanges sheepish grins of defeat. The allure of the KonMari method of organizing is undeniable—it's started an international movement and has inspired thousands to start decluttering and organizing their homes. But while thousands have started the process, far fewer have actually finished the hard work.

If you really want to complete the process, you'll have to do more than just declutter—you'll have to adopt a new system. To help her loyal fans stay on track, Marie Kondo has shared her proven method for storing clothing: a combination of a special folding technique, paired with her new line of Hikidashi Boxes. A set of 6 boxes will set you back a whopping $89, but it also subscribes you to the KonMari Tidying Series, an online program that guides you step-by-step through the method. For those who have tried and failed to finish the KonMari method in the past, this could be the secret to actually finishing it.

Even once you have the boxes, the work of tidying is just beginning. Only when combined with the Marie Kondo folding technique will the boxes really transform your home and routine. Watch and follow along as Marie Kondo shows us the proper way to fold a t-shirt, and before long you'll be sending love through every shirt that sparks joy in your closet. Or, just sit back and relax—watching Marie Kondo fold clothes is the most zen thing you'll see all week.