It’s not a regular laundry room—it’s a cool laundry room.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated June 22, 2018
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Mandy Moore wearing Purple Dress at SAG Awards
Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

After a lengthy renovation (and plenty of teasing shots of areas such as the uber-organized pantry on Instagram), Mandy Moore is finally sharing an inside look at her beautiful California home, and the mid-century space is already making a splash in the design world.

The 1950s home’s miraculous makeover was the cover story in Architectural Digest’s July/August 2018 issue, where the casually elegant rooms and carefully picked furnishings get the attention they deserve. We’re absolutely enamored by the whole space—but the laundry room, unexpectedly, has to be our favorite room.

Designer Sarah Sherman Samuel has been sharing regular peeks inside the in-progress home throughout the renovation process, and earlier in June, she posted a shot (with an accompanying blog post) of the laundry room. We’re not much for exaggerating, but this may just be the most beautiful space for washing socks we’ve ever seen.

Samuel worked with Electrolux appliances and architect Emily Farnham to outfit the room with everything Moore needed, plus some aesthetic add-ons to make it as beautiful as the rest of the home. (You can see a full tour on Samuel’s website.)

“The former laundry room was cramped and bare-bones basic,” Samuel writes on her blog. “It had white walls, white cabinets, and your average, run-of-the-mill 12x12 floor tile.”

Moore’s team wanted to make the space one Moore would actually enjoy spending time in while incorporating functional must-haves, such as a spot to hang dry clothing and a space for folding clean clothes. Samuel added closed storage, statement wallpaper, and a sink to that list to make the space both prettier and more useful.

The final space is certainly striking: The graphic wallpaper (To buy: Nuvolette Wallpaper by Fornasetti, $548 for 75 square feet of coverage; serves as the room’s focal point, balanced by simple white cabinetry and pops of natural wood and wicker touches. The wallpaper brings personality into the space, while the other details temper it, and functional add-ons such as the washer and dryer (housed in custom built-ins), the long folding counter, and the slim sink make sure the room fulfills its purpose.

You don’t often see a laundry room in the running for most beautiful room in the house, but why not? Maybe laundry rooms on-par with this one will encourage all of us to up our laundry game and wash towels, sheets, and everything else languishing in the hamper a little more often.

For more details on the room’s makeover, check out Samuel’s full post.