Hint: It's probably time to replace your toothbrush. 

August 07, 2018

Confession time: most of us probably have a tube of mascara that's been knocking around in our makeup bag for a year now. Or how about a lipstick you've been swiping on for a decade? Unless you set aside time to cull through your cosmetics stash, it's all too easy to keep makeup, toiletries, and medications long after their expiration dates. Not only could this result in skin and eye irritations or other issues, but all of those products are taking up valuable space inside your medicine cabinet. To figure out what to get rid of when, we broke it all down into the helpful charts below, with info from our new book, The Real Simple Method to Organizing Every Room

Makeup Expiration Dates Guide

Up next: sort through your toiletries. Do you even remember how long you've had that bottle of shampoo?

How Often You Should Replace Your Toiletries

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