Credit: Mark Lund

What You'll Need

  • One can Krylon Interior-Exterior (shown in Glossy White; $5.50, for store locations).
  • One two-inch-wide roll Scotch Safe-Release Painters’ Masking Tape for Very Delicate Surfaces ($13.50 at hardware stores).
  • One pack 220-grit sandpaper (about $4 at hardware stores).

How to Do It

Step 1: Protect the mirror. If it doesn’t detach easily from the frame, cut out a piece of kraft paper or cardboard to cover the glass, and secure it with strips of painter’s tape. Make sure the tape strips are flush with the frame’s border (or squeeze them under the frame if you can). This will spare you from having to scrape rogue paint traces off the glass with a razor blade.

 Step 2: If the frame is finished with varnish, lacquer, or polyurethane, give it a gentle once-over with sandpaper until the texture is slightly rough. This will help the paint stick and ensure uniform coverage.

 Step 3: Lay the frame flat and spray-paint it (for the technique, see Step 2 of Coffee Table). Apply several thin coats to avoid drips, waiting 30 seconds between coats. Let dry for an hour when done.