Careful, they may just want to move in.

By Caylin Harris
Updated October 31, 2019
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How to Make Guests Feel At Home, woven throw blankets
Credit: West Elm

We all know that feeling of being perfectly at ease in someone else’s house—maybe it’s your childhood home, your sister’s place, or your favorite cousin's house, but there’s just something about the way they entertain that makes you never want to leave. It’s true hosting goals. The secret to their success isn’t major, it’s anticipating the little things that a guest might want or need during their stay. Keeping these items on hand will make any guest, whether they’re dropping by for a dinner party, a cookie exchange, or an overnight stay, feel instantly at home.

Electric Kettle
Credit: Home Depot

An Electric Kettle

As much as you can empower guests to treat your house like their own, the more comfortable they’ll feel. An electric kettle will allow them to quickly whip up a warm cup of tea in the morning or before bed without having to ask. Plus, it makes up to 7 cups quickly so they won't have to wait long for a warm beverage. Create a little guest-friendly coffee and tea station with this kettle, honey, a bowl of sugar, spoons, and cloth napkins. This way, guests will find everything without having to poke around the whole kitchen. 

To buy: 7-Cup Stainless Steel Electric Kettle, $31,

Glass Water Carafe
Credit: Design Within Reach

Glass Water Carafe

Guests definitely don’t want to have to get out of bed in the middle of the night and navigate a strange set of stairs or a crowded hallway. Keeping a simple carafe of water and a glass next to the bed will keep weary travelers hydrated without having to deal with accidents. The slim profile won’t take up too much room on the bedside table either!

To buy: Ichendorf Tube Jug with Handle, $20,

Mini Toiletries Kit
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Mini Toiletries Kit

This mini toiletries kit will provide your guests with essentials they might have forgotten at home. Inside you’ll find an eye mask, earplugs, dental floss, lip balm, breath drops, an adhesive bandage, a phone/tablet stand, facial wipe, stain remover, and hand cleaner. This kit is an impressive foundation that you could add any other little extras to, like sample size shampoo and conditioner.

To buy: Mini Travel Kit, $20,

Wireless phone charger
Credit: Best Buy

Wireless Phone Charger

It’s so easy to forget your phone charger, keeping an extra on hand will save your guests from having to buy a new one. Plus, this charger is wireless so they won't have to worry about finding compatible cords, and it works with most Qi-enabled phones. 

To buy: Wireless Charging Pad, $20,

Woven throw blanket
Credit: West Elm

Extra Blankets

Since some people run hot and others cold, it's always a good idea to stock your guest room with extra blankets just in case. Worst-case scenario, they can always take it off the bed. Plus, the luxe texture of this blanket will make any guest bed look especially inviting.

To buy: Solid Basketweave Throw, $89,