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By Katie Holdefehr
Updated February 27, 2019
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In my apartment bathroom with terrible ventilation, bath towels tend to smell musty after just a couple uses. So when a new brand of towels called Nutrl reached out with a Kickstarter campaign for silver-infused bath towels that promise to never smell, I was initially skeptical. But now, more than a year after my first review of the towels, I can report that these magical odor-blocking towels ($60 per set, have not smelt musty, mildewy, or sweaty (not even once!) during the past year. Soft, absorbent, and always fresh-smelly, it's easy to see why this towel has quickly become my favorite bath towel.

When I first tested out the towel in December 2017, I decided to use the towel for one full week without washing it (seven uses between washings may sound slightly gross, but I was determined to put its powers to the test!). In between showers, I hung it on a hook on the back of my bathroom door, which isn't the best-ventilated spot, but a great method for testing this fabric’s deodorizing abilities. After that first week, I decided that it was not only a luxurious, hotel-quality towel, but it also lived up to its promise—it really was odor-blocking. In fact, if I hadn’t used the towel myself, I would have guessed it was freshly washed.

I can now report that this miracle towel stayed fresh for much longer than a week—actually, it hasn't smelt mildewy even once in the past year. Of course, I do wash it regularly, but in between runs through the washing machine, it continues to stay fresh, even in a poorly-ventilated bathroom.

So how does this miracle towel work? By infusing a cotton towel with recycled silver, the metal prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria and mildew. By stopping bacteria before it spreads, this towel not only smells cleaner than a typical towel, but it actually is cleaner, so you don’t have to feel too guilty about skipping your daily load of laundry. If you’re looking for a towel that will help cut down on your household’s never-ending laundry pile, this magical deodorizing towel will help lighten the load.

This post was updated from a version originally published on 12-18-17.