The Sweetbriar collection is shockingly gorgeous.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated December 05, 2017
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Sweetbriar Plates by Mackenzie Childs
Credit: Mackenzie-Childs

Known for its bold black-and-white-patterned dishware, MacKenzie-Childs is surprising the world with something they’ve never done before: all-white dinnerware. Finally, in March 2018, the brand you may have spotted in the Kardashians’ dining rooms and kitchens is releasing a simple and elegant Sweetbriar collection that’s perfect for weddings or as an everyday dining collection.

The fresh collection includes flatware, linens, stemware, and faux florals, and is handmade in Aurora, New York. With tons of texture, embossed details, debossed checks, and flowers, they’re the ultimate pieces to add visual interest to your tablescape easily. And everything is unique—the stemware is mouth-blown in Romania and hand painted, and the check patterned stainless-steel flatware collection is made of 24-karat gold-plated handles. These aren’t just any run-of-the-mill white dishes and silverware.

And that’s not all MacKenzie-Childs is dropping this spring. You can also look forward to a Queen Bee collection, which includes luxe furniture and decor inspired by the queen bee with yellow, black, and white colors. There will be a loveseat, side table, tuffet, and even wallpaper to deck out your space.

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A Patisserie collection will launch, too, featuring pastel furniture, which will combine the brand’s classic patterns in an unexpected way. For the first time, you’ll see the Taylor ceramic pattern incorporated into the furniture designs.

Whether you’re a die-hard MacKenzie-Childs fan or you’ve never heard of the whimsical brand, now’s the time to start your collection with the classic white collection or some of the new spring designs.