This is the secret to sweet dreams.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated June 04, 2018
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There's something about the start of summer that inspires us to refresh our beds. From swapping out warm flannel sheets for cool linen ones, to ditching the top sheet for the season, building a summer-ready bed lands near the top of our seasonal to-do list. But if you're not ready to splurge on a brand-new set of linen sheets just yet, start by upgrading your pillowcase. From a silk pillowcase that's gentle on fine hair, to an aromatherapy option that will soothe your late-night worries, ordering one of these pillowcases is the easiest way to make your bed a little more luxurious.



Unless you wash your pillowcase every single day (who has time for that?), you're cuddling up to a collection of bacteria, sweat, and dead skin cells every night. Instead, opt for this pillowcase with Silver Ion Technology, which provides a natural anti-bacterial effect, preventing future breakouts and soothing sensitive skin. 

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Bed Bath and Beyond


If your mind starts racing the second you hit the hay, this stress-busting aromatherapy pillowcase could help. Not only was this pillowcase designed to block bacteria, mold, and mildew, but it also comes with lavender sachets to infuse your sleep with a calming scent. 

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Whether you have curly hair that tends to get frizzy or want to extend the life of your blowout, this silk-and-cotton pillowcase is gentle on all types of hair. Our features editor Libby Sile swears by it for taming frizz and helping a hairstyle last for multiple days. Plus, it always feels like you're sleeping on the cool side of the pillow, making this a must-have for the warmest nights of the year. 

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Made from 100 percent pure silk inside and out, this luxurious pillowcase claims to reduce wrinkles and fight signs of aging, all while keeping bed head at bay. Because silk is less absorbent than other fibers, this pillow cover won't cause your skin to dry out. At $79, this pillowcase is an indulgence—but just think about all of the money you'll save on anti-aging serums

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