The Real Simple Home—a four-bedroom penthouse in Brooklyn, New York, that we transformed with the help of designers and professional organizers—is full of genius decorating ideas, including simple ways to make affordable spaces and furnishings look completely luxurious.

By Lauren Phillips
September 13, 2018

Luxurious homes have a certain aura about them: They feel elegant, spacious, and effortless—and expensive, most of the time. But the secret to homes that look expensive is that not everything in them actually comes with a high price tag. The addition of high-profile luxury home décor accessories helps dress up a space, even if that space is filled with large pieces that are affordable or even low-budget.

In the Real Simple Home, designer-curated furnishings fill the space, but it’s the details that make it spectacular. These simple additions (all for less than $100 a piece!) can help your home look expensive, even if the majority of the furnishings came at a major discount.

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