Plus, five easy ways to work this stunning hue into your home, from a plush throw pillow to a beautiful cup. 

By Katie Holdefehr
March 06, 2018
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From home decor, to product packaging, to ad campaigns, to clothing (and even sneakers), blush pink has been taking over for the past couple years. Whether you call it blush, whisper pink, or millennial pink, the soft, sophisticated take on pink seems to have reached peak popularity, leading some to wonder what the new "it" color will be. Only time will tell, but the trend watchers at Pinterest have a prediction: lavender. Pastels are trendy again, and search for "lavender accents" is up more than 300 percent. The pros at Pinterest also noted that Pinners called out sage green as a hot color right now (we've also seen it popping up on Instagram recently), but lavender's spike in search makes it a promising contender for the next cool color. Want to get ahead of the trend? Here are five easy (and affordable) ways to work a touch of soothing lavender into your home. 

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