You’re just one scented candle away from a less stressful day.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated November 07, 2019
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You've probably heard before that lavender is a soothing scent, but now we have scientific evidence that the purple flower has the power to calm our nerves. According to a review published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, sniffing linalool, a fragrant alcohol found in lavender extracts, reduced the signs of anxiety in mice. While we were big fans of lavender's pretty scent before, the news is tempting us to run out and buy every lavender-scented candle and lavender-infused pillow we can find. Ready to chill out in a science-approved way? Stock up on the six soothing, lavender-scented products below.

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Lavender Scented Jo Malone Candle
Credit: Nordstrom

1 A Luxe Lavender-Scented Candle

If you've been waiting for an excuse to splurge on a highly-coveted Jo Malone scented candle, this is it. More than just a pretty coffee table accessory, this lavender scented candle could help you feel calmer after a long day of work. Now this is retail therapy. 

To buy: $67,

Floral design lavender-scented heated pillow
Credit: UncommonGoods

2 Aromatherapy Heated Pillow

Whether you're dealing with menstrual cramps, sore shoulders, or a stressful day at work, pop this lavender-filled pillow in the microwave for two minutes, then let it melt your worries away. The warmth and aroma join forces for an extra-relaxing heating pad. 

To buy: $35,

Flower-shaped essential oil diffuser
Credit: Paper Source

3 Floral Essential Oil Diffuser

Leave this cute essential oil diffuser on your desk and not only will the adorable design make you smile, but the wafting lavender scent will soothe away stress. 

To buy: $25,

Soothing lavender neck pillow
Credit: Amazon

4 The Most Soothing Neck Pillow

Spritz lavender spray (sold separately) on the purple section of this travel pillow, and the memory foam will gradually release the relaxing scent during your flight, nap, or car ride. Want to fall asleep to lavender every single night? Order the full-size bed pillow instead. 

To buy: $20,

Lavender hand soap
Credit: Williams Sonoma

5 Calming Lavender Hand Soap

With this luxurious hand soap made with lavender oil from Provence, you'll feel a little more relaxed every time you wash your hands. Keep one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen so you can double up on the de-stressing effects. 

To buy: $13,

Soothing lavender scented stuffed animal dog
Credit: Cuddledown

6 A Soothing Stuffed Animal

Want your little one to feel the relaxing effects of lavender, too? Order this cuddly stuffed animal filled with lavender buds and flaxseed. It can be microwaved for soothing warmth or put in the freezer for a quick cool down. 

To buy: $34,