This Incredibly Quiet Tower Fan Is the Reason I've Slept Soundly for 3 Years—and It's Under $55 on Amazon

And I use it on the highest speed nightly.

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Lasko 2510 Oscillating Tower Fan

For most of my life, I've needed a fan to be able to get a good night's sleep. And if you're anything like me, you find it difficult, if not nearly impossible, to sleep well without one. It can truly be the difference between a blissful night's sleep and hours of tossing and turning. However, as we know, not all fans are created equal. It's taken me years of experimenting with fan after fan to find one that keeps me cool, isn't impossibly loud and clunky, doesn't stop working after a few months, and isn't crazy expensive.

Lasko 2510 Oscillating Tower Fan

To buy: $53;

After three years of use, I can fully attest that the Lasko 2510 Oscillating Tower Fan hits the mark in all of these categories (plus a few more)—and over 14,000 five-star reviewers agree. One of the aspects that I love most is how incredibly quiet the fan stays, no matter what level of air speed I have it on. Whether it's set to speed one, two, or three, it provides a tolerable level of white noise without disturbing sleep, TV time, or even Zoom meetings. "This fan is exactly what I had been hoping for," one reviewer said. "It's really quiet, even on the highest speed. On the highest speed, it does make a noise, but it's not loud or annoying at all. You can only hear it if the rest of the room is completely silent. When it's on the other two levels, there is no noise at all!"

"You get what you pay for," another reviewer wrote. "If you want one of the quietest tower fans out there, you go with Lasko. I bought a different brand tower fan and that'll be the last time I do that. Ridiculous how loud other fans are once you're spoiled by Lasko."

On top of being quiet, the fan can also keep any room surprisingly cool. I live in an apartment where there is central air that doesn't quite make it to my bedroom (i.e., the most important place to keep pleasant for sleeping). I turn this fan on at level one and it instantly brings a cool breeze into my room. Whether they've needed the fan in an office or a nursery, reviewers have praised its cooling abilities, with many comparing it to an air conditioner. "This fan is everything, " one reviewer wrote. "It doesn't even feel like a fan. It feels like a whole air conditioner. I love all Lasko products."

"After a very short while, I found myself reaching for the lap blanket!" another reviewer wrote. I was so surprised and pleased at how cool and comfortable the room became."

The fan's cooling abilities are also not dependent on what climate you live in. Reviewers everywhere from South Carolina to the beaches of Hawaii love how this fan stands up to the heat. "We live in Las Vegas and it's expensive to keep the AC on all the time, so we use these fans," one shopper wrote. "They're fairly quiet and put out a lot of air. We love them so much that we bought four!"

This fan also has many brilliant features including a button for oscillation that allows you to customize airflow, a programmable timer so that you can choose when you want the fan to shut off, and a remote that lets you program the fan from anywhere in the room. "I love this fan, and I bought a second one too. It cools the room quickly and quietly," one reviewer wrote. "It is easy to transport from room to room, as well. I use the oscillating function almost every time it is on. The timer option has also been helpful, when I want to be cool for certain periods of the night, but don't necessarily want the fan to run all night long. A really good fan."

"Might be the best fan I've ever used," another reviewer wrote. "In fact, I use three of these in various rooms in my house and two of them run nearly constantly. They're very quiet with remote controlled features like speed, direction, timer, and on/off."

I also love how brilliantly the fan is designed. It's tall and thin, with a small base that only spans 12 inches so it doesn't take up too much space in my small room. It has a sleek, modern feel that can seamlessly fit in with nearly any room aesthetic. It also features a built-in top handle so that it can be easily moved. And with it only being 10-pounds, it's made transporting it a breeze. "This takes up less real estate, is super quiet, really moves the air and makes the room more comfortable," one reviewer wrote. "Even on high you can still watch TV without busting out eardrums. You couldn't do that with my old box fan!"

Even for someone like me who struggles to assemble larger products, I was able to easily set up this fan. It doesn't require any tools—all you have to do is screw on the base and it's ready to go. "Set up is easy, just screw on the base," one shopper wrote. "When I first fired this bad boy up, I mistook its lack of a strong powerful roar as a sign of weakness. I couldn't have been more wrong. This silent heat killer dries the sweat right off my drawn-on brows."

If that weren't enough, the fan has lasted me, along with many other reviewers, for years. "I purchased this fan in 2017 and it has been a permanent fixture in our bedroom," one reviewer wrote. "It's always on when we go to bed. The noise level is perfect, we can hear the TV over the middle and lowest setting. The highest setting is noticeable, but it's definitely not as loud as our other fan. This fan still holds up after three years, and we haven't needed to replace the battery in the remote. I love this thing!"

"Usually I don't write reviews, but honestly I have been using this every single night since I purchased it and so I figured it deserved one," another shopper wrote. "I love it! I always keep it at the first fan setting and the air really reaches [a] long distance. My bedroom is in a basement and I keep the fan on one end of the room and my bed is on the other and the air fully reaches me at a great consistency. So much so that I have to use the rotating feature because the air almost becomes too much. I definitely would recommend the item for anyone looking for a fan to help keep them cool, is powerful, trustworthy, and simple!"

If you've been on the lookout for a fan that will help you sleep soundly, is budget-friendly, and will stand the test of time, join me and the thousands of other shoppers who can attest to the quality of the Lasko 2510 Oscillating Tower Fan.

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