This All-Season Tower Fan and Space Heater Is Saving My Electric Bill, and It Costs Just $125

It’s been the best purchase I’ve made for my 1950s home.

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Lasko 1500W All Season Tower Fan & Space Heater with Timer and Remote

My husband and I moved into a 1950s home with a finished attic that has been transformed into a large main bedroom and guest room. As you can imagine, it gets really hot in the summer and freezing cold during harsh Midwest winters. Although there is ventilation up there, it doesn't do the job for such large spaces. In the past, we resorted to big box fans and compact space heaters that needed to be swapped each season, which is a pain when you have limited storage. Thankfully, we discovered a tower fan that does it all in one compact machine. The best part? It's $125 at Walmart.

The Lasko All-Season Tower Fan and Space Heater is exactly what we needed to make our bedroom more comfortable. Plus, it provides a low white noise that helps me sleep at night. Assembly was easy and straightforward and only took about 10 minutes by myself. Once it's up and running, choose whether you want cold or warm air, and then pick from four preset settings for fan speed or heat level. We love this fan so much, we're considering another for our living room.

Lasko 1500W All Season Tower Fan & Space Heater with Timer and Remote

To buy: $125;

Not only can you choose from preset settings, but you can also change your preferred temperature using the up and down arrows on the device or the remote. It also has an option for rotation to provide even distribution throughout the room.

I usually leave the oscillating fan running throughout the night, but when I'm using the space heater portion, I make sure to utilize its built-in timer to prevent overheating the room and fire hazards. It comes with a remote control that comes in handy while I'm already in bed and don't want to get up to change the settings or turn it off. Keep in mind that it does not come with batteries, so make sure to add a pack of AAA's to your cart.

To my surprise, the fan actually feels like it blows cool air instead of circulating hot air, which is a total game changer for our attic bedroom. Just make sure to clean the permanent filter every two weeks to ensure it stays in pristine condition and continues to blow cool air at high speeds. Simply remove the filter cover, vacuum it with a brush attachment, and it's good to go. This should also be done before putting it into storage during the off-season.

This all-in-one tower fan and space heater has helped me get a better night's sleep and has reduced our electric bill in the long run. My husband and I sometimes wonder how we ever survived without it. Add one to your cart at Walmart to see how great it is for yourself.

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