This No-Zap Insect Trap Has Over 25,000 Five-Star Ratings on Amazon, and It's Nearly Half Off Today Only

Shoppers say they “couldn’t be happier” with the results.

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insect catcher

Warmer weather is drawing us all outside of our homes for backyard cookouts and time in the sun. But these happy moments in the rising temperatures can quickly turn sour when a small family of gnats decides to go swimming in your sangria or a mosquito finds that just-out-of-reach spot in the middle of your back. Plus, anyone who's ever hosted an outdoor event at home knows that these buggy problems quickly make their way into the house thanks to propped-open doors and constant trips inside and out.

But more than 25,000 Amazon shoppers have found a solution in the Katchy Indoor Insect Trap. Hiring a pest control company can be expensive and those hanging sticky pads aren't exactly stylish, but this small, electric device stands only 9 inches tall and can be discreetly tucked behind a potted plant or large, decorative bowl. The Katchy device has a no-zap design, so there won't be any audible signs that it's doing its job as you enjoy lunch on your screened-in porch. Instead, it uses UV light to attract any and all insects, sweeps them inside via a quiet fan, and traps them on an internal glue board that can't be seen by guests.

Typically, the Katchy system sells for about $50, but it's currently on sale at Amazon. There's also a coupon available on the page that takes an additional 40 percent off the price—you just have to be sure to click it before adding the trap to your cart.

insect catcher

To buy: $27 with coupon (was $50);

The Katchy trap comes with four glue boards, but there are packs of eight refills available to order on Amazon as well. The brand says they stay sticky "for months" while sitting inside the bug trap, waiting to do their job. Katchy recommends running the trap overnight for the best results since the UV light is most visible in the darkness, but it's an effective system at all hours of the day.

Shoppers say they like the "discreet appearance" and that the device fits into their homes "like an ornament." One reviewer called it the "best solution for ridding yourself of gnats," and said that they were able to set up the trap in two minutes. Within a few hours, their buggy situation was "way less obnoxious." They added, "I couldn't be happier!"

Get ahead of peak insect season and order the Katchy Indoor Insect Trap today. Just don't forget to click the coupon for an extra 40 percent off.

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