Get ready for the best night's sleep.

By Tamara Kraus and Katie Holdefehr
Updated October 01, 2019
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New Bedding Products, Bed with White Sheets
Credit: Getty Images / AlexandrBognat

Over the past several years, modern bedding has come a long way. With duvets, comforters, and sheets crafted from new materials (think, eucalyptus and bamboo) and the rise in popularity of direct-to-consumer mattresses, our beds have never been comfier. So if you're still making your bed the old-fashioned way, now's the time to invest in some splurge-worthy bedding that could help you catch your eight hours. Below, we've rounded up five innovative products, from the ultimate mattress topper to a covetable duvet, that will help you get your best sleep ever.

Home Depot Gel Foam Mattress Topper
Credit: Home Depot

The Most Luxurious Mattress Topper

Wish your mattress was comfier, but aren't ready to splurge on a brand new one? This mattress topper is the fix. Constructed from quilted memory foam, this three-inch mattress topper will add a layer of comfort, while still providing necessary support. With a base layer of ventilated support foam, the cover is breathable so those who tend to sleep hot won't overheat. Bonus: it's water- and stain-resistant, helping it stay fresh for longer. 

To buy: Quilted Memory Foam Mattress Topper, $169 for queen,

Crane and Canopy Duvet Cover
Credit: Crane & Canopy

Crane and Canopy Duvet Cover

This versatile Nova duvet cover allows you make the perfect bed in 80 percent less time. With its two-in-one design, the Nova duvet cover brings the flat sheet and duvet cover together to create the look of a perfectly layered bed. It also features four interior corner ties that fasten to the comforter and has a zipper that eliminates the hassle of buttons or ribbon ties.

To buy: From $35;

Buffy Comforter
Credit: Buffy

Buffy Comforter

If you deal with night sweats, a partner who prefers a different temperature, or can't stand an ultra-heavy comforter, you've just found your new bedding best friend. Meet Buffy, a spa-like comforter made with organic eucalyptus, which smells just as great as it feels while you're snoozing. Plus, you can try it out for free and return it if you don't like it. 

To buy: From $120;

crane and canopy comforter
Credit: Crane and Canopy

Crane and Canopy Comforter

Unlike many other comforters made of polyester or goose down, this hypo-allergenic cotton-filled cotton comforter features naturally-lofted cotton fill that provides the same warming properties of natural goose down and is breathable for humid weather. It's also machine washable, features four corner tie loops to secure the duvet cover to prevent shifting and bunching, so your bed won’t look lumpy after a good night’s sleep.

To buy: $149;

parachute fitted sheet
Credit: Parachute

Parachute Fitted Sheet

If you use a high-quality duvet cover, ditch the top sheet for a cozy night’s sleep. These percale luxury sheets from Parachute come with the option to purchase without the top sheet for a no-fuss morning when making your bed.  

To buy: From $60;