It doubles as a work station, a dining table—even a bed.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated February 14, 2018

IKEA hacking is nothing new—there are entire blogs and social media accounts dedicated to the art of reinventing the Swedish store's flat-pack furniture. And while IKEA has embraced the idea from time to time by offering up its own hacks on its blog Livet Hemma, it's launching for the first time a piece of furniture designed with hacking in mind: the multi-functional DELAKTIG sofa.

Created in collaboration with designer Tom Dixon, the DELAKTIG is called an "open-source platform," referring to the fact that the platform is just a base for your customization. Add on a flat cushion to turn it into a bed, or attach a few more cushions to make it a sofa. Basically, the customer, rather than the company, gets to decide what this piece of furniture becomes—and it doesn't require any paint, saws, or extra supplies.

And once you have your bed, or sofa, or workspace assembled, the add-ons are another element of customization. After designing the platform as the base for the piece, Tom Dixon reached out to art schools to brainstorm attachments that could expand the functionality of the piece even further. Some of the best ideas are being turned into shoppable add-ons. You can clip on a magazine rack to keep reading materials on the side of your new sofa. Or attach a task lamp for the ultimate cozy reading nook. Or add a ledge to create the most comfortable dining area.

To create the covers for the piece, the designer reached out to some of the best IKEA hackers around: Bemz, a company that creates luxurious covers for IKEA furniture. Bemz designed several cover options, including a sleek black wool cover and a striped variation. There's even a bold Icelandic sheepskin cover referred to as "The Beast."

It seems like Tom Dixon and his collaborators have thought of every possible use for this versatile piece, but if you think of something he hasn't, the designer invites you to go ahead and hack it yourself. "Once you’ve got this bed sofa you can add on our hacks, other people’s hacks, or you can hack it yourself," says the designer on his website. There you have it, IKEA is giving us permission to hack this sofa as we see fit.

While the DELAKTIG is already available in the UK, we're still waiting for it to come to the US later this summer or fall, according to Curbed. At least it gives us plenty of time to brainstorm fresh new hacks.