Every piece in the Industriell collection is perfectly imperfect and is only in stores while supplies last.

Ikea and Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek teamed up to solve one question they shared: How do we create unique items that feel handmade even though they’re made in large quantities?  And with their Industriell collection, they answered that question.

Piet is known for using salvaged material to create gorgeous furniture that you might’ve seen in galleries and hotels around the world. This collection features that same feel but expanded into a wide variety of categories including vases, dish towels, and of course plenty of furniture. To make this collection happen, Ikea and Piet developed new ways to work with wood, glass, textiles, and ceramic to mass produce unique products efficiently and consistently. As a result, you get unique products with a handmade feel without the steep price.

The sleek collection will roll out in stores this April and will only be available in limited quantities, so make sure to check in at your local Ikea store soon.

Here are just a few items we can’t stop looking at. Head to your local stores this April for exact pricing.

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