Time to order that EKTORP!


If you’ve had your eye on an EKTORP sofa or a BILLY bookcase, but the steep cost of home delivery has left it lingering in your shopping cart, this is the week to finally take the plunge. From now through November 3, IKEA is offering free delivery on online and in-store orders over $250. There are some limitations on the delivery area for orders placed in-store, so check with a sales associate to make sure your address is within the range. Then, stock up your cart and watch it all get delivered to your door for free.

While $250 is no small amount to spend, if you’re buying furniture or larger items, it’s easy to hit that limit without even trying, and if you buy now, you’ll save big on extra costs. IKEA typically offers two types of delivery: Small Item Delivery comes by parcel and starts at $10, while Large Item Delivery is brought by truck and starts at $99. So if you were already planning to have any large IKEA items delivered, you’ll automatically save at least $99 if you order this week. Both parcel and truck delivery is available throughout the continental U.S., but only parcel delivery is offered in Alaska and Hawaii.

If you don’t already have a long IKEA wishlist, but don’t want to miss this amazing offer, we recommend splurging on some of the fresh picks from the 2018 catalog. The gorgeous new STOCKHOLM sofa (no one will ever guess this came from IKEA), or the VEDBO armchair make it all too easy to reach the minimum amount.