The IKEA Catalog 2019 is full of new furniture, organizing tips and tricks, and small-space hacks—but it also showcases design trends that can reshape the way homes look in the coming year.

By Lauren Phillips
August 02, 2018

If you’ve taken a peek at the IKEA catalog 2019, you’ve probably gotten an eyeful of the new textiles, couches, lamps, and more coming to an IKEA near you in the next few months. (And, if you’re anything like us, you’ve already started making a list of all the clever new organizers and fresh prints you want to pick up.) If you take a second look at the catalog, though, you might notice more than just the new products.

The IKEA catalog 2019 is full of design trends and choices that incorporate IKEA furniture, new and old, into layouts that will affect the way thousands of IKEA shoppers decorate their spaces—and how other retailers prepare for the coming year. By looking at the catalog, you can make a few guesses about what design trends savvy home shoppers will start to follow (or completely adopt) in the new year—this is what we’re seeing.

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