Plus, all of the proceeds go to a great cause. 

By Katie Holdefehr
October 04, 2018

On Instagram, Pinterest, and the pages of magazines, inspiration for beautiful gallery walls abounds. With perfectly-coordinated art and the frames to match, they make it look easy—but if you've ever attempted to build a gallery wall yourself, the task can be more complicated than it seems. First, you have to find artwork that works together, then get each piece framed and matted, and then figure out how to space it out properly. When done right, a gallery wall can be eye-catching, but once you tally up the total cost, it can be jaw-dropping. 

But Hutch, a virtual decorator app, is reinventing the gallery wall, making it easier than ever to achieve. Hutch just launched its grand-new Gallery Wall Kit in collaboration with three artists, which comes with everything you'll need to build a beautiful art display, right down to the picture-hanging hooks. For $249 you'll receive three coordinated, framed, and ready to hang pieces of art. With pre-bundled sets of three prints, you can rest assured that all of the pieces will work well together, and you can combine several kits to cover a larger wall. The kit makes adding art to your home so effortless, the only choice you'll have to make is picking from the three options, below. 

Want one more reason to finally invest in a statement gallery wall? All of the proceeds for the kits will go to Girls, Inc., a direct service and advocacy organization that inspires all girls to lead healthy and productive lives through its mentoring programs and safe pro-girl environment. With sites in 324 cities, Girls, Inc. supports young woman across the country. This is art that will make you feel good, before you even hang it up. 

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