And it fits right in my purse or carry-on bag. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated August 29, 2018
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HP sprocket mini photo printer
Credit: HP

After a wedding, a trip, or a birthday party, scrolling through photos of the big event on my phone's camera roll is how I remember every moment. While these digital photos are convenient and let me look back whenever I want, last year I discovered a mini photo printer that completely changed how I take photos.

When I first brought the HP Sprocket Photo Printer ($130, to a New Year's Eve party, it was an instant hit. Since this mini printer is wireless, guests could connect to the Sprocket and print photos right from their camera rolls or Instagram accounts. Similar to a modern version of a Polaroid, everyone could snap a pic, then print it out seconds later. Smaller than a Polaroid, each photo measures 2-by-3 inches and has an adhesive back so you can stick it on a wall, notebook, or fridge. They're also perfectly wallet-sized, so I even keep a couple favorite prints tucked right inside my purse. And the printer itself? It's just 3-by-5 inches, making it easy to slip into my tote bag or backpack and take along wherever I go.

Following the printer's success at the New Year's bash, I've since brought my Sprocket to a friend's wedding so it could print memories in the making. The small scale of the photos makes them perfect mini party favors because guests can slip them into their handbags or pockets. Once I loaded the photo paper into the machine in the correct direction (following the instructions on the packaging) and connected my phone via the app, printing photos was virtually effortless. There are no ink cartridges, so I never had to worry about an ink refill mid-party. But because Sprocket works on Bluetooth, I've found that it's easiest to use where the WiFi is reliable (which I learned the hard way when I brought it along on a camping trip).

Whenever I need to restock the photo paper, it's easy to order off of Amazon and ships fast—even arriving in the nick of time when I ordered some extra packs two days before my friend's wedding. Instead of the wedding photos getting lost forever on a camera roll, guests got to take them home, share them, or stick them on their laptop case, where the memories will make them smile even when they're stuck in a long work meeting months later.