Credit: Rick Lew

What to spray: Knobs, frames, switch plates, file cabinets, chandeliers, appliances, radiators, steam risers. Spray paint creates the smoothest covering, and most brush paints don’t come in metallic finishes.

How to apply:

  • Primer, sanding, and/or wire-brushing may be needed, depending on the object and the paint.
  • Poke the screw end of doorknobs and cabinet pulls through a piece of cardboard so you can spray all sides of the object without leaving any fingerprints.

RS paint picks: Rust-Oleum Clean Metal Primer (white only, $5, for store locations) and Krylon Metallic Enamel Paint (nine colors, shown in Dull Aluminum, $4 to $5, for store locations).

Also try: For flaking barbecue grills, use Hammerite Barbecue Paint (black only, $5,, 866-774-6371 for store locations). For rusted iron or steel, try Hammerite Rust Cap (11 colors, $8 to $13).