Crafting your own DIY paper flowers is easier than you think. The trick: start with paper flower templates and follow along with this easy step-by-step video.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated August 16, 2018

Learning how to make paper flowers is much simpler than you might think. The secret is to start with a paper flower template—and to make the process truly foolproof, let a cutting machine (like a Cricut, Sizzix, or Silhouette) do the hard work for you. To make DIY paper flowers as easy as possible, craft designer and maker Lia Griffith shows how to create pretty paper flowers, including stunning pink peonies, in her new book Cutting Machine Crafts ($14, Once you have the templates provided in the book, some floral wire and a hot glue gun are all you need to piece together the petals and leaves. Follow along as Lia Griffith crafts a peony from start to finish in the video above, and you'll be sure every petal is in the right place. Make a dozen peonies for a lush (and ever-lasting) bouquet on your dining room table, or use just one bloom as a napkin ring. These paper flowers look gorgeous anywhere you put them.

What You Need

  • Text-weight frosted paper for petals
  • Card stock paper for leaves
  • 18-gauge green floral wire
  • Paper curling tool
  • Needle-nose pliers and wire cutters
  • Low-temp hot glue gun

Follow These Steps

  1. Cut petals from text-weight frosted paper and leaves from text-weight or card stock (following the template provided in Cutting Machine Crafts).
  2. Using curling tool, shape each small and medium petal in three directions.
  3. Shape large petals in several directions to form cup shape.
  4. Shape tips of stamen fringe with curling tool.
  5. Bend tip of 18-gauge wire with needles nose pliers. Glue end of fringe to wire and wrap around with fringe curling outwards. Glue end of stamen fringe into place.
  6. Slide small petals onto wire and glue at base of stamen. Repeat with second small petals, rotating then gluing petals. Slide third small petals onto wire, rotate, and glue into place. Repeat steps with three medium petals.
  7. Slide large two-petal piece onto wire and glue at base of bloom. Repeat with final two pieces, rotating as you glue into place.
  8. Use fingers to shape petals towards center.
  9. Use curling tool to shape sepal. Glue tab and form cone shape. Slide sepal onto wire stem and glue into place under flower.
  10. Shape leaves with curling tool. Glue 18-gauge wire onto leaf. Add extra glue on top of wire and cover with second leaf.