Plus, the secret to the warmest bed ever. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated October 01, 2019
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In the summer, we're all about the coolest, most breathable bed sheets, but the second fall hits, we're ready to cozy up our beds, turning them into warm sanctuaries. Getting your bed ready for the chilly months ahead isn't difficult and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. A few simple swaps, like switching out your duvet insert and making the move to warm flannel sheets, will build a comfy bed you'll never want to leave. Get ready to hibernate this winter—these 5 bedding tricks create the dreamiest, coziest bed imaginable.

Home Depot

Let Layers Act as Insulation

An effective way to trap heat in your bed is to use multiple layers, rather than rely on just one big, fluffy duvet. Several layers trap pockets of warm air, insulating your bed. For maximum warmth, top your duvet with this lightweight, yet cozy quilted blanket. Filled with down, this blanket is machine-washable, making it easy to keep clean. Plus, it comes in 12 different colors, so you can choose the hue that matches your bedroom decor.

To buy: LaCrosse Cotton Down Quilted Blanket, $219 for queen size,

L.L. Bean

Upgrade Your Sheet Set

During the warmer months, cool linen or percale is the bed sheet of choice, but during the winter, it's all about flannel for a cozy bed. In general, flannel is thicker, heavier, and holds in heat better than your summer linens, so you'll feel noticeable warmer all winter long. 

To buy: L.L. Bean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheet Set, from $99,


Swap Out Your Duvet Insert

If you sleep soundly in the summer with the thinnest, airiest duvet imaginable, it's time to switch out the insert for something with a little more substance. When it comes to warmth that's still breathable (important for those who tend to sweat at night!), down or a down alternative is your best bet. For the warmest, yet most lightweight duvet, look for one labeled "all down" or "100% down." 

Check out the fill power: On the packaging of most down duvets, you'll notice a rating for "fill power," which is essentially a measurement of the down's fluffiness. For winter, you'll want one with a fill power of around 600 to 800. 

To buy: Parachute Down Alternative Duvet Insert, in all-season, from $179,

Pottery Barn

Pile on the Throw Pillows

Adding lush throw pillows to your bed will not only make it look cozier, but it will also feel warmer—especially if you opt for faux fur or knitted pillow covers. While you may not necessarily want to sleep with the pillow pile on your bed, if you typically read or do work on a laptop in bed, they can help make the bed feel snuggly. Pottery Barn has an incredible selection of faux fur, knitted, and velvet pillows. 

To buy: Washed Velvet Pillow Covers, from $11,


Invest in an Aqua Bed Warmer

If you love the idea of an old-fashioned bed warmer but are afraid of the dangers, consider splurging on a safer, modern version: the Aqua Bed Warmer (from $250 for full, It's non-electric and wire-free, but works by circulating hot water through a heating pad placed between the mattress and the fitted sheet. According to reviews, this bed warmer really works (especially if you let it heat up 30 minutes before bed), and although some sensitive sleepers could feel the tubes in the pad, placing a mattress pad on top solves the problem.