When you’re tackling floor to ceiling spring-cleaning, it can be easy to forget about your appliances. But those ones you use every day, like your coffee maker, need a scrub down, too. So we turned to the experts for ways to deep clean your Keurig Machine.

By Leigh Gotzmer
May 19, 2017

In the morning, our routines are centered around getting everything clean, except for one thing—our coffee makers. We shower, we put on fresh clothes, we brush our teeth, but then we often make our coffee in a machine that’s nowhere near as spotless as we are. And that’s probably because, typically, we’re only thinking about it or using it in the morning when we’re rushing to get somewhere else. Dirty dishes and ironing take up any precious extra minutes before we’re out the door, and the last thing we’re thinking about at night is reaching for a K-Cup or washing out the Keurig. But that hero of a morning appliance gets used daily and often for multiple beverages from coffee to tea and even hot chocolate, so it’s bound to build up some residual calcium deposits or scale over time.

Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to wash your Keurig and ways to maintain its freshness throughout the year (you should descale your brewer every three to six months). But no matter your approach, it’s easy and quick. And for anyone who needs a little extra motivation, a clean appliance will undoubtedly give you a better tasting brew. 

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