Keeping your plants happy just got much easier. 

By Katie Holdefehr
August 31, 2018
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When you have an impressive collection of house plants (or even just one finicky fiddle-leaf fig), keeping your plants healthy and happy can be a challenge. One week you over-water, and they're sad and soggy. The next week, you over-compensate by skipping their weekly water, and they're dry and thirsty. Striking the right balance for each plant isn't easy—so when we spotted the brilliant, zero-effort watering trick in the book How to Raise a Plant and Make It Love You Back by Morgan Doane and Erin Harding, published by Laurence King, we knew we'd discovered a game-changer. Rather than having to remember to water your plant and guess the correct amount, the "yarn trick" is the plant-watering secret that makes plant care remarkably easy. 

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