Plant babies are the new fur babies. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated August 30, 2018
Hero Images/Getty Images

As much as we all love Fluffy and Fido, in recent years, it feels like social media is more into fiddle-leaf figs and Venus fly traps. Try scrolling through Pinterest for a minute and there's a good chance some plant-filled home or plant care tips will pop up. Well, according to the data experts at Pinterest, it's not just our imagination—the house plant trend is still growing in popularity, and could even (gasp!) outshine our obsession with adorable puppies.

According to Pinterest, search for pets has remained stagnant since January, but search for plant care has increased 97 percent. While it could be argued that Pinterest is more of a destination for plant info than pet info, the statistics show just how popular house plants have become this year. In fact, of the 4.8 million Pinterest searches for small space decorating made in 2018, indoor plants was one of the top search terms. There are also twice as many Pinterest boards devoted to plant babies than fur babies.

Plant popularity is undeniably on the rise, and according to Pinterest, certain varieties are attracting the most attention. In the Pinterest 100 report from earlier this year, vibrant patterned foliage and flashes of color were shown to be trending, with saves for patterned plants up a whopping 533 percent. The Sill, an NYC-based plant shop that also sells online, even has a board dedicated to "the foliage obsessed." On their site, the Calathea Rattlesnack (above) is a show of texture, pattern, and color during the day, but this prayer plant closes its leaves at night.

Search for air-purifying plants is also on the rise, increasing 72 percent in 2018. Luckily, some air-purifying plants also happen to be incredibly easy to care for, like the sansevieria or snake plant, above.

So what reigns supreme as the top plant of 2018? Sorry, fiddle-leaf fig tree, you're so 2017—the monstera landed the top spot, with search for the sculptural plant rising 176 percent in 2018. Not sure you have the green thumb to keep a monstera alive? Opt instead for this realistic-looking faux version from IKEA. It is every bit as eye-catching as the real deal, but without all of the maintenance.