No matter how far I am from home, it cures any feelings of homesickness.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated November 13, 2017
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It’s my first holiday season away from home. And though I’m fortunate enough to travel back for Thanksgiving and Christmas, homesickness stills kicks in every now and then leading up to these special days—and especially after I leave my loved ones to come back to my new home. That’s where this Homesick candle comes to the rescue.

I recently moved to New York from Phoenix, Arizona—basically opposite ends of the earth. To me, home smells like the desert air: cactus, agave, and orange citrus, and that's exactly what the Arizona candle smells like. It's essentially the Grand Canyon in a jar. As for NYC, the candle has notes of Central Park on a spring day, the fresh smell of the clothes from the department stores lining Madison Avenue, and even a hint of the concrete that makes Manhattan, well, truly feel like a concrete jungle.

This small item makes leaving friends, family, and warmer weather a lot more bearable. Since scent is the sense most tied to memory, the Homesick candle does exactly what you think it would: It makes my apartment smell like home. And because booking a flight isn’t always feasible, this candle is the second-best option.

These simple, hand-poured candles come in scents for every state (and popular cities, too), so you can give your new house a familiar fragrance, no matter how many miles away you are. And whether you’ve lived in two states or ten, you can confidently say that home is where the candle is.