Learn how to kill those pesky weeds with natural ingredients you already have on hand. 

By Brooke Showell Kasir
June 05, 2017

Yes, your lawn is manicured and beautiful, but did you know that such perfection can actually make it more susceptible to weeds? Dandelion, crab grass, basically anything with a seed, loves to work its way into neatly clipped grass and Pinterest-worthy gardens.

One natural way to keep weeds at bay? “Keep the lawn long so it takes longer for seeds to work their way down the ground,” says Leslie Reichert, founder of Green Cleaning Coach. Or try the old-fashioned method: “Sometimes you can’t control exactly where the weed killer disseminates when sprayed. If you’re afraid of brown spots in your lawn, a weed puller and a bucket can be your best bet.”

For something a little stronger, but still natural and chemical-free, try these do-it-yourself solutions to wage the war on weeds with ingredients most likely laying around the house.

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