Staying in is the new going out—and these easy decorating tricks will make staying in better (and cozier) than ever.

I don’t need to detail all the lovely upsides of being a homebody—alone time! Doing things on your schedule! Getting enough sleep!—but there is one vital trick to being a happy homebody that can easily fall by the wayside: Creating a house that feels like a home.

Yes, you can get by with a sparse space that offers just what you need and nothing more, but if you plan to spend some (or many) of your waking hours in your home, you probably want it to feel comfortable, warm, and welcoming: A place you love returning to and often don’t want to leave.

Crafting such a space is no small feat. If you go too small, your space feels uninhabited, or like a space just moved into. If you go too big, it feels crowded and cluttered, which can detract from your enjoyment of the home you’re working to create.

A few small touches can easily boost the look and feel of your home without going full hygge. Bringing the right items into your home can make staying in for the night a supremely delightful experience—scroll on to see how.

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