Picking the right home office furniture just got a little easier, so you can put more time and attention into getting your work done and less into shopping. (Unless you’d rather shop than work, which we totally respect.)

By Lauren Phillips
September 20, 2018

Picking out the right home office furniture takes a lot of effort. It’s ironic, really, that you need to put so much work into creating a space where you hope to get a lot of work done, but here we are. Pulling inspiration from the Real Simple Home, a four-bedroom penthouse in Brooklyn, New York, that we transformed with the help of designers and professional organizers, we’ve broken down the perfect home office into six essential components. We were inspired by the playful colors and clever organizers in the small-space home office in the kid’s room of the home, but the bones of the home office are fit for grown-ups with a few simple swaps.

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