A new study helps demystify the home-buying process. 

What’s the largest purchase you’ve ever made? If a single piece of furniture or a week-long vacation tops the list (and felt daunting), you might be thinking: How could I ever afford to buy a house?

And you wouldn’t be alone. Despite low interest rates, millennials aren’t buying homes because they’re struggling to save for a down payment, according to recent studies. But a new report from HSH.com, an online mortgage resource, sheds some light on just how much money prospective buyers need to earn in order to afford the principal, interest, taxes, and insurance payments on a median-priced home in 27 metro areas across the country. 

A prospective buyer, on average, will need to earn about $52,000 per year in order to afford a home, based on median-home price data from the National Association of Realtors’ 2016 second-quarter data and HSH.com’s 2016 second-quarter average interest rate for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages. In San Francisco, those who want to buy a home will have to earn a whopping $109,440.97. People in Pittsburgh, on the other hand, should earn $32,390.09 if they’re considering buying a home. 

For salary information specific to your state, consult this map: 

Salary Map