Want to Live in a Simple (But Gorgeous) Farmhouse? Here Are 5 Inspiring Design Plans

Bonus: These house plans have storage built right in.

If it seems like the modern farmhouse trend shows no signs of stopping, it's not your imagination. According to a 2020 survey of more than 5,000 adults across the U.S., "modern farmhouse" was the favorite house style in 42 out of 50 states. Particularly in the Northwest, East, and Southeast, respondents opted for the classic, comfortable home style. Those surveyed said a modern farmhouse looks "simple, cozy, and not too busy" and like "a nice big home for a family."

So, what's the first step toward making your dream farmhouse a reality? Choose a house plan that matches your style but can also be customized to fit your family. Below are five of our favorite farmhouse design plans from Southern Living, complete with wrap-around porches and kitchens made for big holiday meals. The best part: Each of these house plans was designed with storage in mind, so your dream farmhouse can be pretty and exceptionally organized.

Farmhouse #1: Whiteside Farm

Southern Living Modern Farmhouse Home, white farmhouse
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

This spacious farmhouse design plan features four bedrooms and four and a half baths. Whether you have a big family or expect plenty of guests, there's enough room for everyone.

Southern Living House Plan, Living Room with shelves and tv
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

Open Floor Plan

In the open floor plan living room and kitchen, an exposed-beam, vaulted ceiling lends architectural interest to this hangout space. From holiday dinners to lazy weekend movie marathons, this will be the heart of the home.

Southern Living Modern Farmhouse Design Plans, open kitchen
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

The Ultimate House for Hosting

With a kitchen that opens up to both the living room and dining room, the hosts can be busy prepping the meal without feeling left out of the conversation.

Farmhouse #2: Four Gables

Southern Living House Plan, Four Gables watercolor of house
Southern Living

If a porch has always landed near the top of your dream home wishlist, Southern Living has tons of house plans for you, including this charming Four Gables farmhouse.

Southern Living House Plan, Four Gables White Kitchen with island
Photography by Laurey W. Glenn

A Kitchen With Storage Built Right In

In the kitchen, tons of cabinets, drawers, and even built-in shelves under the stairs provide storage. It's easier to stay organized when storage is baked right into your home's design plan.

Southern Living House Plans, Living Room with fireplace
Southern Living

Warm Up Around the Fire

Switch up your family's nightly Netflix routine with time spent chatting or playing card games next to a cozy fireplace. Built-in shelving provides ample room for books, while the cabinets below are the perfect spot to stash board games or puzzles.

Farmhouse #3: Lowcountry Farmhouse

Lowcountry Farmhouse with porch swings set back into trees
Photography by J. Savage Gibson

With this house plan, we know where you'll be hanging out all spring and summer long: on the porch. There's plenty of room for rocking chairs, porch swings, and side tables.

Kitchen with island
Photography by J. Savage Gibson

Country Kitchen

With a spacious farmhouse sink and wood paneling, this kitchen embraces trends, yet will never look out of style.

farmhouse bedroom with drapes and large windows
Photography by J. Savage Gibson

Main Bedroom

Oversized windows spanning nearly from floor to ceiling let natural light spill into the bedroom. Don't want to wake up with the dawn? Don't worry, light-blocking drapes look luxe and make the room feel taller.

Farmhouse #4: Farmhouse Revival

Southern Living Farmhouse Revival watercolor
Southern Living

With an inviting wrap-around porch, this home feels comfortable and lived in, yet has all the modern amenities of new construction.

Farmhouse Revival Porch Swing
Southern Living

An Outdoor Home Office

Spending more time at home? We have a feeling the porch will become not only your favorite place to gather with friends but also your second home office. Fact: Zoom meetings are much more enjoyable from a porch swing.

Farmhouse Revival Kitchen with Island
Southern Living

Clean, Cozy Kitchen

A large island with built-in storage anchors the kitchen, creating a gathering spot for friends and family. This is where everything happens, from meal prep to homework help.

Farmhouse #5: Little Blue Farmhouse

Little Blue Farmhouse exterior
Southern Living; Design by Firefly Communities, LLC

In this three-bedroom, three-bathroom house, storage solutions are part of the home's DNA. The kitchen, mudroom, bathrooms, and even the staircase all boast ample storage.

Blue Farmhouse Kitchen
Southern Living; Design by Firefly Communities, LLC

Wow-Worthy Kitchen

While this space can be adapted to fit any color scheme, we can't stop admiring these eye-catching blue cabinets.

Little Blue Farmhouse Mudroom, gray cabinets
Southern Living; Design by Firefly Communities, LLC

Tidy Mudroom

With tons of cabinets, drawers, and hooks for stashing outdoor gear, you can keep the mess contained. Conveniently situated next to the laundry room, you can toss snow-soaked garments right in the dryer.

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