6 Foolproof Yellow Paint Colors the Pros Swear By

Paint experts reveal their favorite shades.

When I was a senior in college, I decided I wanted to paint my rental bedroom a cheerful shade of yellow. Not wasting any time, I went to Home Depot and picked out the first pale yellow paint that caught my eye. But what looked like a delicate yellow on the tiny paint chip suddenly screamed "Lemon!" once I brushed it on the walls.

My first lesson of college that year? Consult a pro when selecting complicated paint colors. To avoid future regrets, we asked some paint experts for their most popular, versatile yellow paint picks. Rest assured, these are shades of yellow you'll want to live with for years to come.

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India Yellow by Farrow & Ball

Best Yellow Paint Colors, India Yellow in living room
Farrow & Ball

"Yellow has taken somewhat of a backseat these last 20 years, and now I'm thrilled to see it popping up again," says Patrick O'Donnell, the international brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball. "The energizing nature of yellow hues delivers plenty of welcome cheer, but can also create a feeling of calmness and tranquility by using richer, ochre-toned yellows, like my favorite (and one of our trend colors for 2021) India Yellow. This color is brilliant at creating a warm, cocooning atmosphere, and works a treat in a hallway, living room, or kitchen."

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Marblehead Gold by Benjamin Moore

Best Yellow Paint, Benjamin Moore, painted in archway
Benjamin Moore

"Marblehead Gold HC-11 has enough pop to give you 'happy' yellow vibes; but subtle brown tones lend a muted, earthy quality that is a little easier on the eye and makes the color adaptable to different styles, from traditional to modern, and a range of spaces, from kitchen walls to the front door," explains Nivara Xaykao, a color specialist for Benjamin Moore.

What makes this shade of yellow unique? It contains just the barest hint of green.

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Good as Gold by Clare

Good as Gold by Clare

"Yellow is one of my favorite colors," says Nicole Gibbons, designer and the founder of Clare. "It's warm and bright and instantly lifts my mood. And if you're looking for a feel-good shade of yellow that's not too bold or bright you'll strike gold with Good as Gold!"

"Slightly sunny, yet perfectly subdued, Good as Gold is a mellow mustard hue that's absolutely perfect." Gibbons recommends using this color in a statement-making dining room or a warm and inviting sunroom.

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Golden Hour by Clare

Golden Hour by Clare Paint

"And if you're looking for an even bigger serotonin boost, Golden Hour is for you," says Gibbons. "This rich, deep yellow is slightly more saturated than Golden Hour and will drench your space in lovely, bright golden tones."

Try brushing this sunny hue on a small accent wall, or let it brighten up your "cloffice."

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Disco Nap by Backdrop

Disco Nap Paint by Backdrop

"I think the love for DISCO NAP stems from it being equally retro, sunny, and inspiring," says Natalie Ebel, co-founder of Backdrop. If you've been looking for a hue to perk up your home after plenty of time spent inside, this is it.

"Its brightness is perfect for people looking to elevate the mood of their spaces (from bathrooms and kitchens to home offices and bedrooms), something that's become a priority with so many people spending more time inside."

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Radiant Sun by Behr

Best Yellow Paints, Radiant Sun by Behr in Office

If you're searching for a yellow paint that's close to Illuminating, Pantone's Color of the Year 2021, this is it. "Color, and the way we design our spaces, can greatly influence our moods, productivity, and outlook," says Erika Woelfel, Behr color expert. Brushing Radiant Sun on the wall may just help restore your optimism.

The pro's recommendation: Use this vibrant hue in small, carefully selected doses rather than for an entire room. Grab some painter's tape and let this creative work-from-home office serve as inspiration.

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